RHOC’s Jennifer Pedranti Reveals How Tamra is “Drastically Different” Off Camera, Shares “Shadiest” Thing She Said, Update With Ex Will and Reacts to Gina Being Triggered as Ryan Talks “Biggest Misconception,” & D-ck Pic

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RHOC’s Jennifer Pedranti Accuses Tamra of Acting “Differently” On Camera, Reacts to Gina Being Triggered by Affair and Shares Update With Ex Will as Ryan Talks “Biggest Misconception,” & D-ck Pic

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Jennifer Pedranti made her Watch What Happens Live debut on Wednesday night. And during her appearance on Andy Cohen‘s late-night talk show, she took aim at Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Tamra Judge.

While addressing the speculation surrounding her romance with Ryan Boyajian, sharing the “shadiest” thing Tamra told her about Shannon Beador, and offering an update on her relationship with estranged husband William Pedranti, Jennifer revealed if she believes Gina Kirschenheiter was intentionally pot-stirring when she brought up her social media post about her yoga studio at Tamra’s CUT Fitness party.

“Man, that bugged me,” Jennifer admitted on the July 19 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “[But] I don’t think Gina was [being intentionally messy]. She doesn’t feel like that type of a person and we had a long conversation about it. I think she thought I was being sh-tty and I wasn’t.”

Also, regarding Gina, Jennifer reacted to her being triggered by her relationship with Ryan.

“At first I felt super apologetic. Like, I felt so bad for triggering her. Then I kinda got pissed about it,” she recalled. “I’m not the reason you’re dealing with … You need to deal with whatever it is that’s triggering you. It’s not me.”

Although there have been questions surrounding when she began dating Ryan and if their relationship overlapped with her and William’s marriage, the RHOC newbie said she’s been transparent from the start.

“I’m the one who came into this group saying I met Ryan, and I’m still married to Will and so I always wanna say, ‘When did my tagline not work?’” Jennifer wondered on the live broadcast of WWHL.

She then reacted to Shannon saying she may be an idiot, but she has to figure that out on her own.

“At first I was like, ’Thanks, Shannon, I think,’” Jennifer revealed. “But at least Shannon, I will say Shannon was super surprising for me because I’d been warned about Shannon from Tamra for so long, and so she actually supported me in it, so I feel that was Shannon’s loving way of saying, ‘Jen’s gonna figure it out.’”

In addition to her and Ryan’s relationship timeline being pulled into question, there has also been chatter about the “d-ck pic” he sent to a number of people. But, according to Jennifer, it was an honest mistake.

“Ryan sent a d-ck pic to me on, through Snapchat, hit select all, which was four people,” she explained.

And from the audience, Ryan added, “It’s not the average d-ck pic and you have to agree.”

“I don’t get a ton of d-ck pics but it was not your average dick pic,” Jennifer agreed, sharing, “It was a limp d-ck pic.”

While Tamra shot down the idea that she had the hots for Ryan at any point in time, Jennifer said the two of them “joked about it all the time” before denying that Emily Simpson‘s suspicions about Ryan’s past were valid and admitting that the cast likely thought they were trying to look out for her by voicing their concerns about Ryan’s past cheating.

As for Tamra calling Ryan a wh-re, Jennifer confessed, “I get it … Ryan had fun in his single days.”

“But,” she continued, “My question was always, ‘Why are we talking about this now? Where’s this coming from now?’ That’s not my relationship.”

And Ryan took aim at Tamra’s claims against him as well.

“I would say the biggest misconception is everything that comes out of Tamra’s mouth about me,” he stated, denying he ever said he was going to “f-ck” her.

“I absolutely did not [say that]. But, what I will say is when Tamra Judge gives you lemons, you make lemonade and I have a gift for you,” Ryan noted as he showcased a #D-ckPic hat.

“Boy, you’re already making merch,” Andy replied.

While Jennifer’s relationships with some of her castmates are strained, she and her ex Will are in a good place.

“Our divorce is like the most ongoing thing in the world, but Will and I are good. We’re focused on the kids,” she revealed. “He’s okay with Ryan and I. He’s in a relationship, happier than he’s ever been. He just is very private. And so he plays that card.”

Also on WWHL, during a game of “Let’s Get Judge-y,” Jennifer answered rapid-fire questions about Tamra, stating that she could improve as a friend by “[being] a friend],” recommending she and husband Eddie Judge “schedule more sex,” and accusing her of being “drastically different” on-camera than she is off.

“[She’s] drastically different. Tamra, when Tamra’s on camera, she drinks. And when Tamra drinks, she turns it up,” Jennifer explained.

She then said that the shadiest thing Tamra ever told her about Shannon was that Shannon is “an alcoholic.”

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