Jennifer Pedranti Reveals How She Joined RHOC After Tamra’s Claim, If Ex-Husband Will and BF Ryan Are Cordial, and Status With Shannon and Heather, Plus If She’d Return

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Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

Jennifer Pedranti hosted a Q&A with her fans and followers over the weekend, during which the Real Housewives of Orange County newbie denied Tamra Judge‘s recent claims regarding how she was cast on the series.

As she also shared whether ex-husband William Pedranti and boyfriend Ryan Boyajian get along, and confirmed her current relationship with Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow, Jennifer shared how she was cast as she looked forward to a potential role on season 18.

“Will [you] do another RHOC?” a fan asked Jennifer on July 9.

“I sure hope so,” she replied.

That said, if she does return, Jennifer hinted that fans will see a different side of her.

“I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity. I’ll say this, there was growth in this experience for me. If I had the chance to do it again, I would do it a little different,” she admitted. “I have a VOICE, I would use it. I will lead with kindness first. But, being a doormat.. those days are behind me. Fingers crossed guys!”

Jennifer Pedranti Talks Future on RHOC

Another person asked, “What’s your relationship like with Heather?”

“My initial feeling was [Heather Dubrow] has zero interest in getting to know me,” Jennifer began.

But as she watched the season play out, Jennifer realized why that was.

“I’m introduced to these women and every sh-tty thing that could be said about me and Ryan is,” she noted. “After filming we went to dinner with the Dubrows [and] they were nothing short of amazing! Looking forward to [Heather Dubrow] getting to know the REAL ME.. not the dramatized version of me, my past or my [boyfriend’s] past.”

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti Explains Relationship with Heather Dubrow

As the Q&A continued, Jennifer responded to a question about Shannon.

“Do you form a relationship with Shannon? I am ready to see you two one on one together,” another person wondered, via Best of Bravo on Instagram.

“I love [Shannon Beador] and look forward to our growing friendship,” Jennifer replied.

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti on Friendship With Shannon Beador

As for whether Will and Ryan are cordial, Jennifer confirmed they are.

“Cordial, YES. Divorce is so hard. They say hello.. that’s the end of it. But.. I’m proud they do that,” she revealed. “They are both great guys. Time.. one day at a time.”

RHOC Jennifer Pedranti on Will and Ryan Relationship

As for how she got cast on RHOC, Jennifer was happy to set the record straight.

“I’m glad you asked. I’ve heard I’ve tried out ‘multiple times,'” Jennifer shared, giving a nod to Tamra’s recent claim. “I was training with Tamra regularly when they were casting for season 14. She submitted my name. I went through casting at that time and [Braunwyn Windham-Burke] got it!! That was it for me!”

Then, years later, amid her split from Will, Jennifer heard from the producers once more.

“I remember feeling flattered but expressing I was in the middle of a divorce. That I was dating, Will was dating someone and I was no longer a ‘housewife’ .. We talked for 30 more [minutes] and a Zoom call was set up! The rest is history!!!!” she added.

Jennifer Pedranti Denies Trying Out for RHOC Multiple Times

As RHOC fans may have seen, Tamra hosted a Q&A of her own last week, during which one of her followers accused her of bringing Jennifer to the show just to “take her down.”

“I did not bring her on the show she tried out multiple years,” Tamra clarified. “We had very little contact two years prior to filming.”

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