Tamra Judge Reacts to Emily Simpson Shading Her, Denies Lying on RHOC, and Addresses Claims She Brought Jennifer to Tear Her Down, Plus She Talks Ryan’s D-ck Pic and “Orchestrating” Heather and Taylor’s Feud

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Tamra Judge Reacts to Emily Simpson Shading Her, Denies Lying on RHOC, and Addresses Claims She Brought Jennifer to Tear Her Down, Plus She Talks Ryan's D-ck Pic and "Orchestrating" Heather and Taylor's Feud

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Tamra Judge took questions from her fans and followers on Instagram after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

As she denied telling lies on the show, Tamra looked back on Emily Simpson‘s shady comments, denied bringing Jennifer Pedranti to the show to take her down, and explained why she came forward with her claims against Ryan Boyajian while seemingly admitting to “[orchestrating]” Heather Dubrow and Taylor Armstrong‘s feud.

After a Real Housewives fan page claimed that since Tamra returned, she’s “orchestrated a Heather and Taylor feud,” “brought on the best newbie in years and exposed her messy af new relationship,” “rebuilt her friendship with [Shannon Beador],” and “made Emily and [Gina Kirschenheiter] up their game,” Tamra appeared to agree.

“All in a day’s work,” she replied, along with an orange emoji.

RHOC Tamra Judge Seemingly Confirms She Created Heather Dubrow and Taylor Armstrong's Feud

Following the tweet, Tamra surfaced on her Instagram Story, telling her online audience to “ask [her] any questions about tonight’s RHOC.”

“But did you see the d-ck pic??” one person asked, signaling to Tamra’s claim that “town wh-re” Ryan sent a d-ck pic to someone who wasn’t Jennifer and revealing that the person in question was her friend Heather Amin.

“Yes!” she replied. “I was with [Heather Amin] when she got it.”

RHOC Tamra Judge Confirms She Saw Dick Pic With Heather Amin

“How hard was it for you to have to talk about the Ryan stuff? It looked so uncomfortable,” someone else stated.

“I never planned on bringing it up on camera. I found out a month prior to the trip. After a lot of [tequila], I told Heather and Shannon,” Tamra replied.

Tamra Judge on Discussing Ryan on RHOC

A third person wanted to know why Tamra allegedly lied to Heather’s face “about not talking sh-t about her career in the bathroom.” But, according to Tamra, that never happened.

“I did not talk badly about [Heather’s] TV career at all!!!” Tamra insisted, despite what fans saw on the show. “Don’t be persuaded by interview bites.”

“It will all be explained at reunion,” she added.

RHOC Tamra Judge Denies Talking Crap on Heather's TV Career

Then, when someone else said it “seems you brought Jen to take her down,” Tamra also denied any such thing.

I did not bring her on the show she tried out multiple years,” Tamra clarified. “We had very little contact two years prior to filming.”

RHOC Tamra Judge Denies Bringing Jennifer Pedranti on Show to Bring Her Down

As the questions continued, a fan mentioned how Emily accused Tamra of throwing others under the bus to save herself.

“How did you feel about Emily shading you in her confessional?” the person asked.

“Was a little shocked to be honest … but I know how these things get spinned,” Tamra noted.

Tamra Judge on Emily Simpson's RHOC Confessional Shade

Also, addressing the drama surrounding Heather and her past acting credits, Tamra reacted to someone who gave a nod to Heather’s concerns about Tamra’s potentially negative comments.

“Why is Heather saying you are lying, [by the way] I believe you didn’t lie, but Heather was talking bad about Gina,” they stated.

“Not sure what you’re talking bout? I don’t recall her saying that. [By the way] I don’t lie!” Tamra replied.

Tamra Judge Denies Lying on RHOC Episode

The Real Housewives of Orange County season 17 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.