PHOTO: RHOM Star Larsa Pippen is Accused of Major Photoshop Fail in New Pic as Fans React and FaceTune Weighs In

by Lindsay Cronin
PHOTO: RHOM Star Larsa Pippen is Accused of Photoshop Fail in New Pic as Fans React and FaceTune Weighs In

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Larsa Pippen is being called out on Instagram over an apparent photoshop fail.

Amid production on the upcoming sixth season of The Real Housewives of Miami, Larsa, 49, shared a photo of herself standing in an outdoor area of a restaurant and was quickly accused of editing the pic, which featured suspiciously blurred spots between her arm and waist.

“Facetune would never!” Bravo Snark Side declared in a caption on Instagram on July 20 with a post zooming in on the image and highlighting the area in which the odd edits were spotted.

“What’s going on here?” they asked.

And in a comment, FaceTune spoke out, agreeing, “I would never.”

FaceTune Responds to RHOM Larsa Pippen Edit

Meanwhile, a number of other fans wondered why Larsa felt the need to potentially modify her lower arm and/or waist in the photo.

“Didn’t she pay a lot of money to look that way ? Why bother if you still have to pull this stunt?” one person asked.

“All that money on her looks only to still have to [fix] her pictures,” wrote a second.

Then, after a third person said they believed the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser “would’ve done better” editing the image, another fan shaded Larsa for her antics and brought up rumors of her fake behind (which Larsa has continuously shot down).

“I am shocked — SHOCKED — that the woman who claims she’s had no work done and her a– (only) magically grew would alter a photo. Shocked I tell you!” they stated.

RHOM Larsa Pippen Called Out for Photoshop Fail

But others felt that the edit was not to alter her body lines, but rather to remove people from the background of the photo.

“It’s just erasing people in the background.. come on now,” someone shared.

“It’s probably not that deep — people were in the background,” another agreed. “It is actually respectful not to post bystanders in photos.”

“Nothing’s bending,” noted someone else. “It just looks like she blurred out people. Who hasn’t done that?”

Still, another fan said that while Larsa may have been removing bystanders from the pic, she still appeared to have edited herself in the image.

“Her body [definitely] looks like it was FaceTuned but the that blotchiness on the side was prob to remove people from the background [to be honest],” they suspected.

The Real Housewives of Miami season six is expected to begin airing on Bravo and streaming on Peacock sometime later this year or early next year.