RHOC Star Jennifer Pedranti’s Boyfriend Ryan Was Accused of “Elder Financial Abuse” in Dismissed Lawsuit as He Files Countersuit, and His Attorney Speaks Out

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RHOC Star Jennifer Pedranti's Boyfriend Ryan Accused of “Elder Financial Abuse” as She Confirms Status With Tamra, Reveals Who She's Closest to, and Talks Returning

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jennifer Pedanti‘s boyfriend, Ryan Boyajian, 46, was sued for “elder financial abuse” by an 82-year-old man, who claimed a business deal gone wrong left him with $1 million in damages.

As Jennifer, 46, and Ryan’s relationship continues to be targeted on The Real Housewives of Orange County, details on the since-dismissed case are being revealed.

In the wild lawsuit against Ryan, which was dismissed earlier this year, it was alleged that his failure to buy an agreed-upon property left 82-year-old Gordon Barienbrock in a dire financial situation.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online on August 2, Ryan was accused of “elder financial abuse” in 2022.

In Gordon’s lawsuit against him, it was stated that Ryan had agreed to purchase a 16.1-acre residential parcel owned by Gordon for $7.9 million in 2018 and that there was a deadline to pay set for December 31, 2020. However, Ryan reportedly failed to pay by the deadline and refused to remove a  $926k lien they agreed he could put on the property for “protection” in case the assets were ever frozen.

As the case explains, the Federal Trade Commission never took possession of the home or froze the property.

“On the contrary, the FTC subsequently released all claims against Barienbrock and his entities, and did so prior to Buyer’s deadline for close of escrow,” the lawsuit read.

And because Ryan didn’t pay for the property and remove the lien, Gordon, “an elder,” was unable to sell this property, pay off debt, and obtain the funds which the sale would generate to meet other obligations and to provide comfort in his remaining years.”

“This blatant refusal by Boyajian and the other Defendants to honor the express terms of the Agreement has resulted in the commission by Boyajian and the other Defendants of elder financial abuse and their joint and several liability for substantial damages, as alleged,” the suit continued.

Because Gordon couldn’t sell the $7.9 million property, he claimed to have sustained damages in excess of $1 million.

But, according to Ryan’s attorney, Mike Caspino, Ryan removed himself from the deal because he learned Gordan “was a subject of a federal indictment.”

“Ryan wanted out of the deal immediately when he found out he was dealing with a person like that. Then he sued Ryan,” he added.

And ultimately, the attorney continued, “[Ryan was] excused from having to perform its obligations, if any existed, as alleged by Plaintiff because certain conditions that were required to occur first, including but not limited to failure on the part of the County of Orange to issue necessary building entitlements.”

As the case was dismissed in March of this year, Ryan accused Gordon of fraud in a case of his own.

“Gordon is a notorious real estate swindler who has had brushes with the law for decades,” the attorney alleged.

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