RHOA Recap: Drew Accuses Kandi of Spreading Kissing Rumor to Promote Movie as LaToya Comes in Hot to Address Claim, Plus Cynthia Returns With Details of Divorce

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RHOA Recap: Drew Accuses Kandi of Spreading Kissing Rumor to Promote Movie as LaToya Comes in Hot to Address Claim, Plus Cynthia Returns With Details of Divorce

Our Real Housewives of Atlanta are supposedly serving us some “Peach Passion” this week. Will they succeed, or will be left frustrated as we have felt all season? Grab your toys and let us try to watch, shall we?

Kandi and Todd are discussing their movie, and they have given Shamea a role as a stripper. They hope that her husband will be okay with her playing this sexy role. Monyetta has also got a role in their movie, and they are stacking it with Housewives, which may help to attract moviegoers.

Marlo is having a photoshoot done for her Christmas family photo with Michael and William. I must admit, the only time that I enjoy seeing Marlo is when she is with the boys. Michael and William are such nice young men, and they deserve a loving home. I had to laugh when they asked Marlo if Chef Scotley would prepare their holiday dinner. Teenage boys will eat you out of house and home! Marlo is afraid of rushing it and letting them meet him too soon.

Sanya and her sister Shari are chatting about their relationship while wrapping Christmas presents. She wants their relationship to go back to what it was. Shari feels like she is more of an employee than a sister to Sanya. She is disgruntled because she has juggled for decades since she has her own family to take care of. Shari feels like Sanya does not respect her boundaries.

Kandi is meeting up with Cynthia, and I could not be happier to see those perfect cheekbones. Cynthia laments that this is her second divorce, but she is not giving up any details on why “Chill” has thawed. Kandi invites Cynthia to her Peach Social to celebrate 10 years of Bedroom Kandi. She also clues her into what is going on with Drew. Kandi shares that Drew is denying that she kissed LaToya when three people have corroborated it.

Kenya is babysitting Kahari, who is a family member on her dad’s side, and she is enjoying seeing Brooklyn interact with him. Brooklyn, who is beyond adorable, wants both a brother and sister. She wants Kenya to stack the beds together and create bunk beds for her new siblings. I am glad Brooklyn can film with Kenya since she is the best part of Kenya’s life. We have a pattern in this franchise of the kids being the best part of their stories…

Drew is getting her closet organized by her executive assistant??? She then gets asked by a producer about what Ralph said about his Vegas trip. She does not trust anything coming out of his mouth, and voila, here comes Ralph into the closet. I found it pretty telling that production filmed this scene with Drew and Ralph conversing while they are both accused of being “in the closet.” She tells Ralph about the kissing rumor, and she denies that she did anything. Drew has concluded that Kandi and her “lying” may affect her job in their movie.

Marlo is chatting with her assistant, and she does seem smitten with Scotley. She thinks that Scotley likes to party too much which gives her some pause. Marlo refers to him as husband material, but she wants to see him with his kids outside of the nightclub. She has legitimate concerns if he enjoys nightlife and is unwilling to settle down.

Sheree visits Kandi’s studio, where she films her Amazon Live videos. She thinks they are in a good place. Sheree just had her boobs done because the old ones were encapsulated. OUCH! She used Kandi and Kenya’s doctor, and she claims that Martell loves her new boobs. Kandi is getting annoyed that Drew is accusing her of trying to produce a scene for the movie. She is hopeful that they can all get along because LaToya is being resurrected from a past season to save this rotting franchise even invited to her event.

We arrive at the Peach Social to celebrate Kandi and her toy business. Don Juan lets Sanya know this is no MommiNation event, and he is right about that. Kandi looks beautiful in her pale peach dress, and she is clearly in her element in this scene. She sees herself as a sex-positive person, and she is touting her ability to offer orgasms for everyone. In her ITM, Sanya is taking notes on some of the peach vibrating toys and other erotic items. She hopes this will help her to get pregnant because they need to spice things up after being together for a long time.

Kandi has a demonstration of her “strap” during her bedroom dungeon party, and I may be a little intrigued????. Cynthia arrives ready to mingle and as beautiful as ever. She is counting on bringing home a sexy goody bag and should try to snag the vibrating peach. Cynthia shares how she and Kenya had a falling out after the RHUGT. Kenya is happy they are now good after hearing Cynthia was going through marital troubles and having her mom diagnosed with cancer.

Marlo lets us know that Scotley was on his way and stopped to help a woman involved in an accident. She is delighted that he is the Superman type. Marlo then chats with Ralph and thinks there is a correlation between the allegations that come out of Kandi’s “horny events.” Production has really done all its viewers a disservice this season — and honestly previous seasons — by resurrecting an old storyline. Bolo should be cast as a friend of at this point with how many times I have seen footage of him.

Marlo believes that Ralph knows Drew is a liar. LaToya walks in and awkwardly hugs Ralph. Kenya sees Drew walk in wearing the same dress she had worn before. She proclaims that no one can wear it better than a beauty pageant winner. Drew believes that she is going to finally have the truth told. Drew is afraid she is going to be tossed in the dungeon and the key will be hidden. Latoya tells Kandi she is upset with her for being the topic of conversation while not being there to defend herself.

LaToya thinks her relationship with Drew was bipolar. Kandi can see the bi side — as can we. Marlo sent videos from Portugal, and she plays like she was just doing it for informational purposes. Drew has concluded that Marlo sent edited clips of these videos. Marlo walks off when she is confronted with this nonsense. Kandi draws a line at being called a liar.

Drew believes that Kandi was fantasizing when she thought she saw Drew kiss Latoya. Production then shows a Bravo Insider clip where Kandi says she could have misjudged the moment. Drew alleges that Latoya said she kissed Drew to help spice up the reunion. Drew insists that she never kissed a girl, but we now know Ms. Sidora has been kissing girls.

Next week, Drew admits her marriage is questionable. She might have a better relationship with the truth when she distances herself from him. Have a Marvelous Monday, Blurbers, and a productive week!