RHONY’s Sai De Silva Accuses Brynn Whitfield of Breaking Her Trust by Sharing a Secret, as Erin Lichy Confirms Restaurant Bleeped Out of Premiere, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHONY's Sai De Silva Accuses Brynn Whitfield of Breaking Her Trust by Sharing a Secret, as Erin Lichy Confirms Restaurant Bleeped Out of Premiere, & Live Viewing Thread

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Sai De Silva claims Brynn Whitfield broke her trust amid filming on the currently-airing 14th season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

As Sai opened up about her disappointment in her castmate, Erin Lichy, 36, appeared on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM radio show, where she confirmed which New York City restaurant Sai, 42, and Brynn, 36, were caught trashing on the season 14 premiere.

After explaining that she and her co-stars were trying to find somewhere to celebrate their BravoCon announcement in late 2022 that took reservations, Erin confirmed Catch NYC was the venue discussed.

“Catch was available,” Erin said on Jeff Lewis Live, as shared in an August 9 report from Page Six. “I didn’t know anything, like, I didn’t know that they were not going to come.”

As RHONY fans will recall, Brynn and Sai said they were too “tired” to go out before ultimately choosing to instead dine at Casa Cipriani and suggesting Catch was for “D-list models.”

“I’m, like, this is sh*tty,” Erin said, recalling Brynn saying Olive Garden was “chicer” than Catch and Sai joking that the eatery was for “teenagers.”

Speaking of his own experience, Jeff, 53, told Erin that Catch is a hotspot in Los Angeles.

“We have Catch, and we have Catch Steak in LA,” he shared. “Both are newer, so they’re popular … but, see, I think they started in New York and I know these restaurants have this shelf-life.”

Bethenny Frankel, 52, weighed in as well.

“I am here to say that Catch restaurant has great sushi, great steak, great disco dining,” she said on her Rewives podcast. “I would go to Catch right now.”

As for Sai’s drama with Brynn, Sai admitted things took a turn between them towards the end of season 14.

“We had a bit of tension toward the end of filming, and there were just some things that I kind of told her that I wish she wouldn’t have said,” Sai said on Page Six’s video series, 24 Hours. “I’m such a girl’s girl; I’m very loyal. I shouldn’t have said it to her in the first place.”

Although Sai confirmed the reveal “wasn’t something that was overly big,” she regrets opening up to her co-star.

“I shouldn’t have shared it,” she declared. “And when I did, it felt like a circle of trust at that moment, and she kind of broke that circle of trust, and I was very disappointed.”

Further disappointing Sai is the fact that Brynn hasn’t made much of an effort to reconcile.

“I think she’s fine with being out of the circle,” Sai suspected.

That said, Sai still has love for Brynn, who she threw a special “Brynnsgiving” celebration on the series’ latest episode as she struggled with feelings of loneliness and looked back on her troubled childhood.

“Thanksgiving is just a time where we, my family and I, we take on anyone who doesn’t have friends, especially in New York,” Sai stated. “There’s a lot of implants in New York. You know, when you come here, you don’t have family. … And then when I was in L.A., we would do the same thing. Anyone who had a friend who didn’t have family came to our house.”

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