RHOA Recap: Bob Whitfield Returns With Another Child as Sheree Throws Over-the-Top Party for Baby Mecca, Plus Ralph Questions Drew’s Role in Movie

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOA Recap: Sheree Throws Over-the-Top Party for Baby Mecca and Bob Whitfield Returns With Another Child, Plus Ralph Questions Drew’s Role in Movie

Let us “Sip and Spill the Tea!” on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You will not even get a chance to sip your tea before Bob Whitfield spills some unexpected tea. Let us start sipping, shall we?

Cynthia is officially divorced from Mike, and Kenya is thrilled for her. She cannot believe that Kenya is still married to Marc, and neither can we. Sheree is holding the precious Mecca, and she is planning a big reveal for her sweet granddaughter. Kandi and Drew are getting ready to film their scenes for Todd’s movie. Todd is excited that he scored a real actress to film his movie — but he only has 10 days to do it. Side note: I am loving the background music throughout this episode and must give it to production since they got something right.

Sanya and Ross are taking little Deuce to confirm the pregnancy so he can be a part of it. Our resident OB/GYN Dr. Jackie performs an ultrasound on Sanya, and she appears to be five weeks along. Sanya is not too happy that her pregnancy is considered geriatric. She wants Deuce to have a wonderful relationship with his sibling. Sanya and Ross are going to have another beautiful child.

Drew is filming her scene, and Todd is so pleased and creepily turned on. Kandi admits she lets Todd have his way since she is a team player. Todd is saving some money since they are filming in their home and their own BEDROOM! Monyetta joins the set, and she is ready to run some lines with Drew. This is Drew’s first sex scene with a woman, and Kandi and Todd have an intimacy expert on staff to talk her through the scene.

Drew shares that she did not go into a lot of detail with Ralph since he does not tell her what he does when he goes out of town. She is filming her sexy scene and is doing a great job improvising. Kandi and Todd think that Drew is perfect casting. She almost suggests that Todd’s film is a little beneath her and will hold out for a Lifetime movie next time.

Sheree has Lance the party planner come to her home to plan Mecca’s Sip and See. She wants a shrine of Mecca with lots of balloons. Sheree tells Lance there is no budget, and I just hope this unlimited budget has funds to supplement it.

Marlo is having an event for foster children that have made it successfully out of the system. Sanya comes in carrying some gorgeous flowers for Marlo. Ugh, Courtney is invited to everything darn thing. Marlo is disappointed that all the ladies do not come out to support her good deeds. Scotley even comes to support this great cause. He looks very handsome in the color of the evening. Sheree shows up, and Marlo is thrilled.

Drew and Ralph are discussing her part in Todd’s movie. Ralph wants to know how much kissing will be going on in her scene. He seems almost salivating listening to Drew describe her sexy scene. Drew sees her character as submissive and naïve and can relate to her. Ralph gets vulgar and suggests he wants to watch Drew get “munched” by this lady. He wants to know if she had an orgasm, and Drew looks sickened by her husband. She is happy that Ralph was not on the set.

We have arrived at little Mecca’s Sip and See put on by Glamma Sheree. Wow, who is this party for? They have a harpist, and Sheree is wearing a sparkly gown. Cynthia arrives and looks stunning. Shamea is in attendance and looks lovely as always. I also saw Apollo pop into the scene briefly. Kenya arrives, and she haughtily tells the young woman who is checking people in that she should know who she is. She recognizes that Sheree spent some money or not at this event. Let’s hope she pays her vendors for their beautiful work. Side note: It has felt like all season production has had a holding room of previous cast members, and when needed, they push them out to liven up a dull scene #youareup.

Grandpa Bob is even in attendance, and it is annoying that Sheree is making this all about her. I just want to see Mecca! He is getting a little handsy with Sheree, which she is not too comfortable with. Martell will be meeting Bob for the first time and he is late since he has five girlfriends kids. He is walking in when Bob is a little too close for comfort with Sheree. Drew pulls up and calls Kandi and says she is not coming in since there is a man there that assaulted her. She shares that Anthony, her former assistant, threw shoes at her at a “VIP Club,” and the police had to be called.

Kandi is going to tell Sheree that Drew is not comfortable coming in. Sheree only invited Anthony because he introduced her to Martell, and there is no one thirstier than this parched blonde troll. Anthony says he threw shoes at Drew after she threw her “cheap a*s purse” at him. Kandi is not falling for his story, and Anthony needs to crawl back to wherever he came from. Kenya wants to pull Martell aside, and she tells him that she is always going to have Sheree’s back. Martell apologizes to Kenya, AND she apologizes if she offended him. Group awkward hug — yuck.

Mecca finally joins the party after it appears that it is all about Sheree. She comes out in a gorgeous stroller covered in flowers. Mecca looks so sleepy in the stroller, and it makes you wonder what time this party for a little baby was at. Kandi recognizes this is not for the baby.

The ladies are trying to figure out who Bob Whitfield brought with him that looks young enough to be his daughter. Bob keeps pulling this young woman into the family pictures. Sheree thinks Bob is dating her and grabs Martell to pose with her. Kandi cannot understand why Sheree wants to include her side-piece Martell after he requested Cash app payments for her birthday dinner. Sanya had thought it was odd for the boyfriend who invited them to not pay for the dinner. Sheree stupidly thought Ross should have stepped up since he was in attendance #TeamRossalways.

Bob reluctantly clues everyone in that this young woman is his daughter from a previous relationship. He thought the baby reveal at this party is for Mecca, not his daughter. Sheree has never met this woman, but she has met her kids at family events. After Kandi gives Bob the inquisition, all everyone wants is cake. As the ladies gather for a group photo, Sheree puts on a big smile and mumbles, “Bob will always be a piece of sh*t.” And knowing their past — she is right.

Next week, we have the finale, which could not come soon enough. Drew is going to perform after the movie trailer airs. She also continues to have problems with Ralph. We then see the divorce story breaking and affair rumors with the basketball player Ty. Have a marvelous Monday, Blurbers!