Kenya Moore Dishes on Past ‘Crazy’ Date With Kanye West, Shares How Marlo Ruined Last Two Seasons of RHOA, and Reveals What Didn’t Air in Portugal Cast Trip, Plus Shades Courtney

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

Kenya opens up about former date with Kanye West, claims Marlo ruined last two seasons of RHOA, and reveals what didn’t air in Portugal trip.

Kenya Moore opened up about her former date with Kanye West, claimed Marlo Hampton ruined the past two seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and revealed what didn’t air on the recent cast trip to Portugal.

Many fans are expressing concern over Kenya’s treatment of other women in the cast, and they feel her insults toward her co-stars are verging on ‘mean’ – though Kenya claims she’s the one who’s being mistreated.

In an interview for the Reality with the King podcast, Kenya opened up about her “date” with Kanye around 2010.

“He was crazy as hell!” said Kenya, who claimed the recording artist would “call me all the time.”

The star said she finally agreed to the date “after 10 or 12 calls.”

On the date, according to Kenya, Kanye needed to “check on something” at his house, where she waited on him for “40 minutes.”

“It was a newly renovated house or something, but all of the furniture was covered with plastic … So I remember sitting there on the plastic furniture, waiting for him to go check on whatever.

Kenya claimed that, after 40 minutes, she heard a “noise,” so she started “walking around the house looking for him … follow[ing] the noise.”

“[I] go down into this room. And he was in the room and then I walk in, and I look on the TV and it was porn,” Kenya stated. “I was like, ‘I’m going home.’ I was like, ‘What the hell?'”

At one point in the interview, Kenya was asked if her castmate Marlo ruined the past two seasons of the show.

“Honestly, I don’t even have to think about that question. It’s a yes,” she answered. “You cannot make a fan a Housewife … It is a reason you didn’t get a peach [for] 10 years.”

She also alleged Marlo is “faking” all of her storylines, and she suggested she has a “chairlift” in her home to “help with the old white men going up to [her] bedroom.”

The star also hinted at a scene that was cut from the Portugal cast trip. Marlo said she cursed at all her castmates at a table, declaring, “‘You’re ruining the show with [these] fake storylines, coming here with these fake beefs, manufactured drama … You’re coaching the new girls.'”

Specifically, Kenya shaded co-star Courtney Rhodes, claiming she doesn’t “deserve” to be a Housewife because her husband left her “with nothing,” and now she’s sleeping on somebody’s “sofa.”

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