Courtney Rhodes Shares How Kenya Moore Constantly Mistreated RHOA Production, Explains Why She’s “Not Good” for Show and Shades Kandi, Plus Talks “Karma” Diss, & Most Welcoming Co-Star

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Courtney Rhodes Shares How Kenya Moore Constantly Mistreated RHOA Production, Explains Why She's "Not Good" for Show and Shades Kandi, Plus Talks "Karma" Diss, & Most Welcoming Co-Star

Credit: AB+DM/Charles Sykes/Bravo

Courtney Rhodes took aim at Kenya Moore during a podcast appearance on Monday.

As the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member slammed Kenya for her disgusting treatment of production and said she is not good for or needed on the show, Courtney also revealed which co-star has been the most welcoming and shaded Kandi Burruss while discussing how she was cast on the Bravo reality series.

On the August 7 episode of Behind the Velvet Rope With David Yontef, Courtney looked back on a phone call she received from her business partner while vacationing in Paris.

“The conversation kind of went like, ‘So you’re out here in these Atlanta streets, clout chasing,’ and she’s laughing, and I’m like, ‘Girl, what are you talking about?'” Courtney recalled. “And so she’s like, ‘So I just got this call,’ and she told me who the call was from.”

According to Courtney, the person who called her partner, who is a mutual friend of Kandi’s, told her partner that she was claiming to be a friend of Kandi’s to get on RHOA.

“I was really bothered by that because I had never [told] anyone that… [And] I immediately, like, started texting, like the producers and the production company like, did anybody tell?” she revealed. “And they were like, ‘No, why would we say that?'”

After then admitting that Ralph Pittman Jr.‘s party “was not the best place to approach” Kandi, Courtney described the moment as “real” and said she was moving forward.

“Kandi, I don’t know you… Much respect to you, but I don’t have to pretend like we’re friends to get on this platform because they actually reached out to me,” she added.

While Courtney didn’t mesh well with Kandi, she was pleasantly surprised by Marlo Hampton.

“I was a fangirl, just because her style is amazing. She seems to have this fun, big, regal personality. So I was like, boy, she’s probably gonna give me the hardest time. And refreshingly, she was outside of [Sheree Whitfield], the most welcoming and genuine to me from day one,” Courtney confirmed.

As for the “least welcoming,” that honor went to Kenya.

After saying that the “most egregious thing” she witnessed from Kenya was Kenya ignoring Marlo for their “entire” bus ride to Birmingham, Alabama, and noting that Kenya likes to play “the victim,” Courtney said Kenya isn’t needed for RHOA.

“You put another strong personality in there, a [Porsha Williams], no one’s gonna miss Kenya… I would love to see that happen,” she stated. “Porsha just seems like a fun, good-hearted person… [And] there’s nothing authentic or real about Kenya… She is honestly the meanest girl I’ve ever met, not just with me, but with everybody.”

Courtney went on to say Kenya should “get therapy” and “deal with whatever internally is not sitting right.”

“It’s not good for the show… We wanna have fun with the girls and it’s just like there’s that dark shadow. And if you’re not aligned with her or hyping her up or moving the way that she wants… it never ends well,” she reasoned.

Also on the podcast episode, Courtney said she “absolutely” has no regrets about her “karma” comment regarding Kenya’s fall.

“To me, karma isn’t a bad word,” she explained. “I thought her falling was her karma… [But] let’s be clear, had she not been down there, cursing after she walked out of the hotel with slippers on in the rain, with signs everywhere that said, [Be careful], I would not have said that… You came out arguing in a bad mood, being disrespectful to production, and you bust your a– … It might be your karma.”

According to Courtney, what viewers didn’t see of the moment was that Kenya was “cursing production out” after she fell.

“It was clear she was okay… She was clearly more embarrassed than hurt,” she noted.

Continuing on about Kenya’s treatment of production, Courtney said it makes her “uncomfortable” and recalled a particularly upsetting moment she experienced in Alabama.

“The lighting wasn’t bright enough for her and she just tore into this young lady on production and I just was mortified and I [apologized],” she recalled. “I’m like, ‘You know what, Courtney, I am so sorry. Like that was so inappropriate, and that’s not right. And I just don’t like that.’ Like, you are not above anybody… You don’t treat people like that.”

“To see the cameras off and how she talks to people, it’s literally disgusting… It’s so gross and disrespectful,” she added.

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