Did Kenya Moore Quit the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Had Fight with Producers Over Kim Zolciak!

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RHOA Season 10 Kenya Moore

There are conflicting reports out today when it comes to Kenya Moore’s future on the Real Housewives of Atlanta with a report stating this upcoming season will definitely be her last! Whoa!

According to a report by Tamara Tattles (who is a pretty reputable RHOA insider), Kenya is having a very hard time this season and is butting heads with both her costars and producers of the show.

In fact the cast is currently away on a group trip to Spain and Kenya did not travel with them. The reason? According to TT, Kenya had a huge fight with RHOA producers over her nemesis and castmate Kim Zolciak going on the trip. In case you’re not aware, Kim and Kenya have been going at it since last season’s finale and Kim has been slamming Kenya’s marriage both on and off the show by calling it fake.

Kenya was apparently very frustrated with this and what she felt has been bad treatment by the producers all season that she gave an ultimatum telling the producers she’s not going to Spain unless they pull Kim from the trip. The producers apparently gave in and Kim was told to stay back in the US.  Kim indeed posted about not flying with the cast but claimed it was her choice.  Her Instagram post is below.

So one would think all would be well with Kim not going but more drama ensued once Kenya found out Marlo Hampton, another person who has been trashing her marriage and giving her a hard time this season, would be going on the trip. Kenya reportedly asked that Marlo not go but the producers refused.

Things reportedly got very ugly and Kenya even got her attorneys involved before ultimately refusing to go to Spain. The cast has been posting photos and videos from Spain in the past few days and Kenya is definitely not with them.

While this might not seem as a big deal overall, TT adds the tension between Kenya and RHOA producers has been boiling up for a while now and there is almost no chance Kenya will remain on RHOA next season.  If Kenya doesn’t quit, Bravo is apparently likely to fire her! Wowzers.

“Bravo is seemingly done with Kenya,” reports TT. “There is literally no path for Kenya to be on season eleven at this point.”

The main issue? Her marriage. If you recall Kenya, 46, secretly eloped back in June and married restaurateur Marc Daly. The wedding was hush hush until photos of it leaked online and Kenya eventually had to confirm she did indeed tie the knot.

While this was good news for Kenya, the producers of the show were not happy that she had kept both the relationship and the wedding from them which is understandable considering she’s on a reality show that requires her to share her personal life. Even worse, Kenya’s husband has reportedly refused to sign a release form or film meaning he won’t be appearing on RHOA, something that has pissed off the producers.

Drama with the producers is not the only reason Kenya’s upset as she is also reportedly hurt that some of her castmates who she thought would have her back when it came to defending her against the fake marriage rumors apparently turned on her and did not defend her.

Oddly the only person who has been strong in Kenya’s corner when it comes to defending her marriage has surprisingly been Kandi Burruss.

In addition to refusing to have her husband as a story-line and demanding Kim be pulled from the trip, Bravo is also reportedly not happy that Kenya threatened to sue some of her castmates last month in an Instagram post that has now been deleted. TT claims Bravo made Kenya take it down.

As for the moment, Kenya is denying she has quit RHOA or is planning to quit RHOA as she posted this on her Instagram over the weekend. The caption was, “A Sitting Queen never quits and cannot be removed from her throne”.

What Kenya can’t answer is why she is not on the trip with her castmates who are still in Spain. Another hint of things souring is the fact that Bravo invited newbie Eva Marcille on the trip as apparently a shot at Kenya to let her know she is replaceable.  Both TMZ and Us Weekly have reported within the past few days that Eva, 32, has joined the cast as a ‘Friend of the Housewives’.

Is Eva meant to replace Kenya? The timing of Eva joining the cast right after Kenya refused to go to Spain is not a coincidence according to TT who insists Kenya is done no matter what she says or tweets.

“I promise you this is Kenya’s last season,” blogged Tamara Tattles. “She may film the reunion, but I highly doubt she wants to endure all of that. We shall see. Her time with RHOA is finished and they have already hired her replacement.” 

It seems we will have to wait and see what happens once the cast returns.