VIDEO: See RHOA Season 15 Trailer! Kandi Wants to ‘Choke’ Marlo as Kenya Fights With Sheree’s Beau, Plus Drew’s Marriage Falls Apart, as Kim Zolciak, Cynthia, and DeShawn Return

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VIDEO: See RHOA Season 15 Trailer! Kandi Spars With Marlo and Newbie as Drew’s Marriage Falls Apart, Plus Kenya Seemingly Fights With Sheree’s Beau as Kim, Cynthia, and DeShawn Return

Credit: AB+DM/Bravo

Kandi Burruss was nearly pushed to her limit amid filming on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15.

As Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton went on the hunt for new men and Cynthia Bailey, Kim Zolciak, and DeShawn Snow returned to the Bravo series, Kandi faced issues with Marlo and newbie Courtney Rhodes that nearly turned violent.

“Two years ago, y’all tried to create a narrative, which is really f-cked up,” Sheree tells her castmates at a flapper-themed party as the trailer, shared by LoveBScott on March 30, begins.

“What did you say to this Black queen standing in front of you? You’re an a–hole,” Kenya tells someone else at the bash.

Then, as Kenya tells someone off-camera that they’re “not allowed to come near my f-cking child,” and Sheree Whitfield, whose boyfriend Martell Holt joins the show, proclaims, “These hoes are beyond healing,” Kandi and Marlo are seen going head-to-head after someone, seemingly Courtney, tells Kandi, “You ain’t gon’ f-cking go, crazy a– trick.”

“Go cry now,” Marlo adds to Kandi.

“The only reason I’m crying right now is cuz I can’t f-cking choke your a—, b-tch!” Kandi fires back.

During another scene, after being told to “calm the f-ck down,” Kandi goes at it with Courtney.

“I’m about to head-butt this b-tch,” she states.

In addition to sparring with Kandi, Marlo takes aim at Drew Sidora, saying she’s “bad-bodied” and a “wannabe actress.”

Still, Marlo claims to be a changed woman after attending therapy, although her nephews may not be convinced.

“Have you seen a difference in me?” she asks them during a car ride.

“You’re trying,” one replies.

And while Kenya suspects a new man may be the next “Mr. Moore,” Marlo quickly informs her that she previously dated the mystery guy, claiming he “popped [her] cherry.”

As for Marlo’s love life, she’s seen on a date with a man of her own, who “has been locked up a couple of times,” as he reveals.

“I have too!” Marlo replies.

At home with Sanya Richards-Ross, her husband, Aaron Ross, seems to be getting tired of the number of people living with them.

“I want all of us to move in different homes,” he tells a group, prompting Sanya to later say, “You can’t take for granted that we’re gonna always be together.”

Elsewhere, as Drew admits husband Ralph Pittman Jr. has “moved out of the bedroom,” saying she has “no more tears to cry,” Kandi’s restaurants come under fire.

“Kandi, what’s going on with Blaze?” Drew asks.

And Sheree notes, “We don’t know when we go to Old Lady Gang if we’re going to get biscuits or bullets.”

Also in the trailer, which teases a cast trip to Portugal, Drew is questioned about her impending divorce from Ralph, who jokingly asked, “Who hasn’t filed for divorce,” in the trailer.

“Are you ready to talk about Ralph?” a producer asks in a confessional.

“Yeah,” Drew replies, starting to cry.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 premieres on Sunday, May 7, at 8/7c on Bravo.