RHOA Star Kenya Moore Calls for Marlo Hampton to Be Fired and Calls Out “Shady Producers” Over Editing, as Marlo Fires Back & Suggests She’s a Hypocrite

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RHOA Star Kenya Moore Calls for Marlo Hampton to Be Fired and Calls Out "Shady Producers" Over Editing, as Marlo Fires Back & Suggests She's a Hypocrite

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton were seen feuding on Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And afterward on Twitter, the tension between them was just as high.

As Kenya was seen threatening to call the cops on Marlo, who was banging and kicking on the door of her hotel room at the end of the episode, Kenya took to her Twitter page to call for Marlo’s firing as she took aim at her “gutter behavior” and mentioned the “shady” edits of producers.

“Not Kenya confirming she slept with [Roi Shlomo],” a fan had written on Twitter on May 28.

“I didn’t. We were speaking about my ex…” Kenya clarified, adding a hashtag for “shady producers.”

RHOA Kenya Moore Denies Confirming She Slept With Roi

Then, in other responses, Kenya reacted to Marlo’s behavior on the episode.

“I see therapy has NOT helped Marlo.. ain’t this her getting in [Drew Sidorda‘s] face and being pulled back by security? Hmmm [Bravo] really failed to pull back this clip for some reason,” someone had written, along with a screenshot of Marlo being held back by a man as she yelled at Drew.

“This IS proof Mumbles was yelling and standing over Drew just like [Drew Sidora] said,” Kenya stated after seeing the tweet and photo.

Then, when someone else said, “Before Marlo left, she was indeed standing over Drew, she did get close and she was pointing and yelling and security was right behind her… idk why they keep protecting this loser,” Kenya again weighed in.

“Yeah they were slick and didn’t show that part,” she shared.

Kenya Moore Calls Out Marlo's Violent Behavior on RHOA

A third fan mentioned that Marlo continued to yell and bang on Kenya’s door after Kenya informed her that her four-year-old daughter Brooklyn was inside, asking, “wtf?” Kenya then responded by shading her castmate.

“Gutter behavior,” Kenya noted. “No respect for my child or herself and over what?”

RHOA Kenya Moore Shades Marlo's Gutter Behavior

Marlo, who had gone to Kenya’s room after she and her castmates had been booted from an event due to the distraction they posed for organizers, also spoke out about Kenya, agreeing with a fan that she was being hypocritical in her suggestion that Marlo was bad for the show.

“Declassing a show yet Kenya brought on a cookie lady, pressed [Porsha Williams] for an entire season about d-ck, brought paid actors as her [boyfriend], assaulted Kim Fields?” they asked.

“And the list goes on…” Marlo replied.

RHOA Marlo Hampton Agrees That Kenya Exudes Hypocrisy

As for Kenya’s suggestion that Marlo shouldn’t be on RHOA, she shared a couple of posts.

“I am really tired of Marlo. She needs to go. She will be the downfall of RHOA,” read a retweet shared by Kenya, as seen in a screenshot shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram.

Then, she reacted to a viewer who said, “I’m so tired of Marlo why bring it up now just to have [an] extra problem with Kandi[?]”

“Worst [housewife] ever everything is made up to keep her leftover peach,” Kenya replied, via The Real Housewives Zone on Instagram.

RHOA Kenya Moore Slams Marlo as Worst Housewife as She Calls for Her Firing

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