RHONY’s Erin Lichy Talks “Vow Renewal Curse,” Sister Snapping at “Loud” Costars Amid Speeches, and Cast’s “Negative Comments” at Party, Plus How She and Abe Keep Their Spark

by Lindsay Cronin

RHONY's Erin Lichy on "Vow Renewal Curse," Sister Snapping at "Loud" Co-Stars During Speeches, and Cast's "Negative Comments" at Party, Plus How She and Abe Keep Their Spark

Erin Lichy is speaking out about the “vow renewal curse” after she and husband Abraham “Abe” Lichy were seen celebrating their anniversary with a very renewal-esque bash on the Real Housewives of New York City.

Amid a Q&A session on her Instagram Story, Erin, 36, looked back on her and Abe’s party, addressed her sister’s reprimanding of her “loud” and “negative”-speaking castmates, and explained how she and Abe keep the spark alive in their marriage after kids.

“First of all it’s so important to remember it’s not always going to be perfect,” Erin began on August 21, responding to a fan who asked for her advice. “Sometimes you will both be in a funk. That being said we make time for each other. We ‘hang out.’ I also think it’s important to hang out [with] friends.”

“Sometimes we’ll be out [with] our group and I’ll see him across the room laughing [with people] or saying something funny and it makes me [happy],” she added.

RHONY Erin Lichy on Keeping Spark Alive After Baby

Another Instagram user asked, “[Were] you mad the ladies were making fun of a lot of things and being disruptive?”

“I didn’t love the part where they made negative comments about the event. People worked really hard to make it special,” Erin replied, proceeding to thank a number of people, including her party planner.

“Aside from that, they really weren’t disruptive. I had fun [with] them,” she noted, along with a group pic that included several of her RHONY castmates like Brynn Whitfield, 36, Jessel Taank, 43, and Jenna Lyons, 55.

Erin Lichy on RHONY Cast's Behavior at Vow Renewal

Someone else questioned Erin about her sister Kelley’s reaction to the cast’s behavior at her and Abe’s party.

“It’s hard to film these type of events because you’re like, I didn’t realize, obviously, this is my first season but like, you have a swarm of cameras in the middle of an otherwise normal, fun party and so I think like, there was commotion around that and they were standing right in front and it was loud,” Erin explained. “You could hear them and a lot of people who were speaking, my sister’s close with. They’ve been my friends, a lot of them, since childhood.”

According to Erin, her sister was simply being protective over her and Abe’s special day.

“She was just getting protective over them and she thought it was rude that people were speaking over them. I think she came off a little testy but she was being protective. She’s adorable. It seemed like they weren’t making as much noise as it actually felt like in the moment,” she stated.

Erin Lichy Explains Sister's Annoyance with RHONY Cast at Vow Renewal

As for whether or not she’s “nervous about the reality TV vow renewal curse,” Erin said she’s not because her and Abe’s bash “wasn’t a renewal.”

“My husband is an attorney, we find the loopholes!” she began. “In all seriousness, we wanted to have a party to celebrate with our loved ones. We originally planned to have it out east in the summer ([because] that’s when we got married) but it was my 35th birthday and we planned a [birthday] dinner so [it] seemed too close together to have [two] celebrations plus it’s always easier when kids are home settled during the school year to actually plan a party.”

“It was really just a party and then when our friends asked to make speeches, we figured we could make one to each [other] since we never had!” she continued. “There was no officiant, it wasn’t really serious. Just cute things we wanted to tell each other.”

RHONY Erin Lichy Addresses Vow Renewal Reality Curse

During an interview with E! News last week, Erin also addressed the “Housewives curse,” saying she is “not worried.”

“I think it’s trust, communication, and like, we talk about everything,” she said of how she’ll avoid it. “We’re always talking to each other. We like to go out to dinner and discuss the show or whatever it is so I think, and we’re like, very connected.  I think we’re gonna be okay.”

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