RHONY’s Erin Lichy Suggests Supporting Trump Was a “Mistake,” Discusses Why She Was an Early Supporter, Her “Bad Judgment,” and Avoiding the Housewives “Curse,” Plus Wanting to “Re-Do” Dorinda’s Bluestone Manor

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RHONY's Erin Lichy Suggests Supporting Trump Was a "Mistake," Discusses Why She Was an Early Supporter, Her "Bad Judgement," and Avoiding the Housewives "Curse," Plus Wanting to "Re-Do" Dorinda's Bluestone Manor

Credit: Cindy Ord/Bravo

Erin Lichy admitted to being an early supporter of former president Donald Trump during a podcast appearance on Tuesday.

As she opened up about her “bad judgment” and insisted she’s the “most liberal” person, the Real Housewives of New York City cast member also participated in another interview, during which she revealed what Jill Zarin told her about the show, explained how she and husband Abraham Lichy will avoid the “Housewives curse,” and revealed she’d like to “re-do” Dorinda Medley‘s Bluestone Manor.

“I’m a real estate agent but I also have an interior design firm and I’m actually starting a team in which will house my company, Home Girl, which is interior design, so full-fledged service for my clients. I’m so excited about it,” Erin began of her career on E! News before she was asked which Real Housewives star’s home she’d like to renovate.

“Let me re-do Bluestone Manor,” she replied of Dorinda’s Berkshires mansion.

According to Erin, she’s in the “honeymoon” phase of being a Housewife weeks after the series’ July premiere.

“The reaction we’ve gotten has been so positive so right now, I’m still in the honeymoon phase, you know? [It’s] just all exciting and new,” she shared.

That said, there are some strange aspects of filming a show with friends.

“You know what’s weird about — someone just told me this too and it’s so true — what’s weird about watching the confessions, it’s like you’re reading their mind and you’re not supposed to read your friends’ minds,” she explained, noting that Jill was the one who said it. “And she’s right.”

As for the “Housewives curse,” Erin said she is “not worried.”

“I think it’s trust, communication and like, we talk about everything,” she said of how she and Abraham will avoid it. “We’re always talking to each other. We like to go out to dinner and discuss the show or whatever it is so I think, and we’re like, very connected.  I think we’re gonna be okay.”

Meanwhile, on the August 15 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, via Rate My Bravo on Instagram, the RHONY star looked back on her past support of Trump.

“I never did, nor do I support Stop the Steal,” she confirmed. “There is some confusion around what happened with the donations… I was an early-on supporter. I thought he was gonna be really good for Israel. As things evolved, my views changed and I think I’m allowed that right.”

“I think I made a mistake,” she continued. “I made a bad judgment call and the hardest thing for me was the whole pro-life, people assuming that I’m pro-life. I am so pro-choice. Planned Parenthood saved my life in college and I have no problem telling people the story of me going to Planned Parenthood in college.”

According to Erin, she went to an extremely liberal school and her mother campaigned for current president Joe Biden.

“I am such a big supporter of the LGBTQ community … I’m the most open, most liberal, most welcoming person and it hurts my soul that people put me in that category,” she added. “That’s what’s frustrating and I just hope that we can put it to bed and I can go back to being on a reality show about stupid girls.”

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