RHOC’s Emily Simpson Talks Shannon & John’s “Biggest Red Flag,” & What Heather Did Wrong, Plus She Addresses Tamra’s Bullying Claim, “[Messing] Up” BravoCon Drama, and Weight Loss

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RHOC's Emily Simpson on Shannon and John's "Biggest Red Flag," Heather Telling Production, and "[Messing] Up" BravoCon Drama, Plus Talks Weight, Tamra's Bullying Claim

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Emily Simpson addressed Shannon Beador and John Janssen‘s relationship troubles on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

As she also explained why Heather Dubrow, 54, is to blame for the topic being discussed on The Real Housewives of Orange County, admitted she misconstrued their BravoCon drama, and spoke of her recent weight loss, Emily, 47, clapped back at Tamra Judge‘s “bully” allegation and wondered if Shannon, 59, and John are back together.

“I don’t know,” Emily admitted of Shannon and John on the September 6 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “Maybe they’re just hanging out. I don’t know if they’re together or not. I just, I really, honestly wish the best for Shannon and I don’t know if John Janssen is the best. I think she deserves more.”

While Tamra, 56, has accused Emily and Heather of “bullying” Shannon about John, despite her own comments about the relationship, Emily shot down the idea on the live broadcast of WWHL.

“I didn’t think that was a fair statement because we all talk about her relationship and she’s told all of us things so I wouldn’t say being open about her relationship is bullying. It’s just talking about things that she’s told us,” Emily explained.

As she showed off her recent weight loss, which was prompted by the use of Ozempic late last year, Emily confirmed she’s “worked really hard” before admitting she’s received backlash.

“I get a lot of positive comments, but a lot of the comments I hear that bother me are, ‘You don’t look like yourself anymore,'” she revealed. “And that’s because publicly, for the past five years that I’ve been on the show, I’ve been 40 pounds heavier than I used to be. But you have to understand for me, I feel like my old self again, and that’s what makes me happy, that’s what makes me continue to work out is because I feel the way I used to feel in my 30s.”

When host Andy Cohen, 55, then pointed out that Emily carried herself well throughout her weight gain, and didn’t seem bothered by it, Emily agreed.

“I knew that [I gained weight] but I still felt hot. It was hard though at times, things don’t fit, you don’t feel comfortable but I still rocked bathing suits,” she noted.

Then, when Andy asked Emily about who she believed spoke poorly about her at BravoCon, she confessed to getting things mixed up.

“I realize I messed that up. I think I heard [that someone] said something bad about [me] at BravoCon, and I put Shannon in there. I used deductive reasoning, and then I felt like Shannon went into the blank,” she explained.

Throughout the season, Shannon has grown increasingly upset with her castmates who discussed her and John’s relationship, which ended after the season, on camera. And, because of that, Emily has become convinced that something isn’t right between them.

“Her reaction is very telling because if someone said something about my relationship with Shane, I’d be like, ‘Oh, well that’s dumb.’ But when you react that largely, then I feel like there’s something pretty accurate there,” she stated.

Although Emily has discussed Shannon and John, she said Heather is guiltier than she is “because I didn’t tell production.”

As for the “biggest red flag,” Emily admitted there are “so many.”

“They break up all the time… [But] I think they are together [now],” she added.

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