Scheana Shay Addresses Raquel’s Claim About Brock and Lala’s House, Fights With Brock, and Raquel’s Salary & Reasons for Quitting, Plus Raquel Wanting to Fit Into Bethenny’s Narrative

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Scheana Shay Addresses Raquel's Claim About Brock and Lala's House, Fights With Brock, and Raquel's Salary & Reasons for Quitting, Plus Raquel Wanting to Fit Into Bethenny's Narrative

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Scheana Shay has a theory about why Raquel Leviss may have thought Brock Davies wanted to buy Lala Kent‘s $1.35 million home in Palm Springs.

After Raquel, 28, suggested on Bethenny Frankel‘s podcast, Just Be With Bethenny, that Lala beat Brock to the punch, Scheana, 38, spoke out on her own show while also commenting on Raquel’s conflicting reasons for leaving Vanderpump Rules and suspecting Raquel chose Bethenny’s show because she felt that the narrative she was trying to portray would fit into the Real Housewives of New York City alum’s reality reckoning.

On the September 1 episode of Scheananigans, Scheana reacted to several statements Raquel made on Bethenny’s podcast, including her claim of everyone is making money off “Scandoval,” which saw the fallout of her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval, except her.

“She could’ve made home-wrecking merch. People would’ve bought it,” Scheana noted. “I’m also curious where her $361,000 went, obviously taxes was part of it.”

According to Scheana, Raquel was paid “$19,000 an episode” for Pump Rules and also received offers to appear on podcasts for cash.

As for why she believes Raquel chose Bethenny, 52, Scheana said she likely did so because Bethenny had expressed sympathy for her situation.

“I [also] saw somewhere that Raquel’s mom, I guess, was a big fan of Bethenny. So what I heard is that they reached out to Bethenny and I feel like maybe they thought, ‘Oh well Bethenny’s sympathetic towards our situation and what she’s going through,’ even though Bethenny had never seen the show,” Scheana explained. “She knows nothing about Vanderpump Rules. Literally Howie Mandel 2.0.”

Continuing on, Scheana suspected Raquel’s PR team was involved.

“With someone with Bethenny they could control the narrative a bit,” she noted. “I think with Bethenny’s whole reality reckoning movement that she’s trying to start… I feel like some of Raquel’s narratives that she told fit within this movement she’s trying to do.”

During Raquel’s interview with Bethenny last month, she confirmed she would not be returning to Pump Rules for season 11, first saying that her mental health was too precious, and later suggesting it was a salary dispute that led to her exit.

“Raquel said she didn’t want to come back to the show for her mental health, but then she also said she would’ve come back to the show if she was making as much as Tom and [Ariana Madix],” Scheana pointed out.

Throughout the interview, as noted by Scheana, there were “a lot of things that [Raquel] said that there was no truth to,” including her claim about Sandoval being offered a producer credit.

“That’s not how it works,” Scheana confirmed.

Moving on to her own Pump Rules drama, Scheana admitted that while she hid issues with past partners of hers, she and her husband Brock have made it a point to be honest on-camera.

“Brock and I are in a really good place in our relationship, but we go at it,” she admitted. “And this is the first relationship that I’ve been okay with having some fights on camera, showing those aspects of our life because that’s real, and how we work through it. Everything’s not perfect. No one has a perfect relationship. We disagree on parenting… There are so many things, but that’s a part of our story.”

Also, on the episode, Scheana addressed Raquel’s comments about Lala’s house, which she suggested Lala had purchased behind Brock’s back.

“When I heard that… I was like, okay, Raquel and I were still friends when you made the offer. I was trying to think if there was a way that I said something that made Raquel think that, and I’m like, the only thing I could’ve said to her was maybe when we were in New York, I was saying how Brock went over next door to talk to the neighbors about my friend putting an offer on the house,” Scheana explained, noting that other neighbors wanted to buy it for a rental property.

“I had Brock go over, and we’re like ‘We need this house for Lala.’ So I don’t know if there was some confusion with that. I loved our neighbors. They were so sweet. I’m like, ‘Can you please pick my friend?’ It was never Brock wanted the house. That was so weird,” she added.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 is expected to start airing on Bravo sometime later this year or in early 2024.