RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Shares If Husband Justin Got a Job, Hardest Part of Heather Feud, and Where They Stand Today, Plus Talks Biggest Pot Stirrer, Lisa’s NDAs, and Meredith & Seth’s Bath Diss

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose Shares If Husband Justin Got a Job, Hardest Part of Heather Feud, and Where They Stand Today, Plus Talks Biggest Pot Stirrer, Lisa's NDAs, and Meredith & Seth's Bath Diss

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Whitney Rose confirmed if her husband Justin Rose is employed on Tuesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live as she also offered an update on her relationship with Heather Gay.

While discussing her recent comments regarding Meredith and Seth Marks‘ bathtub scene, admitting she doesn’t trust newbie Monica Garcia, and revealing the “biggest pot stirrer” of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast, Whitney, 36, told host Andy Cohen, 55, where she and Heather, 49, stand and addressed comments made by Lisa Barlow, 48, on the latest RHOSLC episode.

On the September 12 episode of WWHL, during a game of Meredith, 51, vs Mary Cosby, 50, Whitney named Meredith as the “bigger pot stirrer” and Mary as both the cast member who talks the most crap behind people’s backs and the one who is most intimidating to their friend group.

She then said that because Monica served as a witness against Jen Shah, 49, she’s leery of her.

“Yeah, absolutely. I mean, how did she become a witness?” Whitney wondered, adding that they’re “gonna get there.”

As for her recent comments about Meredith and Seth’s bath, which many found to be hypocritical due to her own body paint scene with Justin, after which Justin lost his job, Whitney suggested her statements were taken out of context.

“I did not want to comment but it was a press article and I was asked and I feel like I answered the question better than what was portrayed for sure,” she shared.

As for how she feels about Lisa calling herself a Mormon when she drinks and has an alcohol brand, Whitney said her co-star is “her own version of a Mormon.”

Whitney also reacted to Lisa saying she trusts those who’ve signed NDAs more than her husband.

“John was after the NDA? That surprises me,” Whitney admitted. “Poor John.”

Whitney was then asked if she and Heather really did hide Gizelle Bryant‘s tequila during season three of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip.

“I’ll never say,” she confirmed.

During Tuesday’s RHOSLC, Whitney invited Angie Katsanevas on the cast’s trip to Palm Springs, which many wondered why she would do since Heather isn’t a fan and she was trying to mend their relationship at the time.

“I honestly wasn’t aware of Heather’s strong feelings for Angie until after I invited Angie so then I was like, ‘Oh wait, Heather,’” Whitney explained to a curious caller.

Another caller questioned Whitney about the “hardest part” of her falling out with Heather and wondered where they stand today.

“[The] hardest part was losing my person, my ride or die, but we’re great,” Whitney replied. “I love her.”

According to Whitney, she and Heather were under a lot of pressure when they joined the show, which had an impact on their relationship.

“It’s just like a diamond, or charcoal, it starts out and there’s a lot of pressure but we got rid of the pressure,” she revealed.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Whitney confirmed that she is now living in a “dual income” household with her husband Justin as he shared how his new job felt about their body paint session on RHOSLC.

“The great thing is, that was all up front and they signed off on it… We found our home,” Justin revealed.

“They love Housewives,” added Whitney.

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