RHONY’s Erin Lichy Shares Friendship Updates With Ubah and Jessel, What She Learned About Herself From Show, and Teases Reunion, Plus Sneak Peek of New Apartment

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RHONY's Erin Lichy Shares Friendship Updates With Ubah and Jessel, What She Learned About Herself From Show, and Teases Reunion, Plus Sneak Peek of New Apartment

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Erin Lichy spoke out about the status of her friendship with Ubah Hassan during a Q&A with her fans and followers on Instagram on Tuesday.

After the ladies were seen at odds over a prank gone wrong on the Real Housewives of New York City, Erin, 36, confirmed where she stands with Ubah, 40, while also sharing what she’s learned from her time on the show, teasing the upcoming reunion, and offering a look inside her new Big Apple apartment.

After a fan requested a “sneak peek” of the new home Erin shares with her husband Abraham “Abe” Lichy and their kids, Erin shared a clip of their dining room.

“What caused you to move, and can we get a sneak peek??” the person asked on September 19.

“Fineeeee,” Erin replied. “Moved for many reasons but mostly for my kiddos! We are still settling in but very happy.”

RHONY Erin Lichy Shows Sneak Peek at New NYC Apartment

“Can you spill anything about the reunion?” another follower wondered.

“Well, that wouldn’t be any fun if I told you everything that happened at the reunion. [But] I can say that we filmed all day and at the end of it, I think that I chugged a drink that they handed me because I was like, in dire need,” she teased.

Then, after someone else asked her if she “said everything [she] wanted to” at the taping, Erin confirmed she and her castmates “addressed mostly everything” before admitting she’s gotten a lot of questions about her inquiries regarding Jessel Taank, 43, and her upbringing.

“The reason why we kept questioning is mostly because she was comparing it to situations like [Sai De Silva] and [Brynn Whitfield]’s and they just weren’t really fair comparisons,” she explained. “I was feeling protective over the other girls because I felt like you just can’t compare a situation like hers where she had two loving parents that helped her through college, she had a family in New York that was like a landing pad for her, support from them, whereas these girls really didn’t have that.”

“I was feeling a little bit protective and I don’t think it came out right,” she continued. “I could have been a little more compassionate and empathetic to the way she was trying to describe it and just say the comparisons were where we were tripping up. It wasn’t that she was wrong.”

Erin went on to say that the topic will be further delved into at the RHONY reunion and revealed that she and Jessel are currently in a “really good place.”

“I really think she’s a lovely girl. I think sometimes, she compares things that just aren’t on the same playing field … [But] I could’ve been a little bit more easy going and compassionate toward her in that moment,” Erin confessed.

Erin Lichy Talks RHONY Reunion

As her Q&A continued, Erin was asked, “What did you discover about yourself while filming/watching the season?”

“I actually learned a lot about myself,” Erin shared. “I think I can be more empathetic. Sometimes I’m quick to judge. I think I definitely stir the pot sometimes where I shouldn’t. I also learned a lot about my friends on the show through their confessionals, which was super eye-opening and actually amazing for me to see their perspective in situations that I otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Erin Lichy on What She Learned About Herself on RHONY

As for her relationship with Ubah, who recently accused her of lying on her own social media account, Erin described her as family.

“[Ubah] is fam she can’t get rid of me so fast,” she stated.

And, in response to the post, Ubah replied, “I love you Erin even though Anguilla got the best of us.”

RHONY Erin Lichy and Ubah Hassan on Where They Stand Today

Erin also said, in a message Ubah has since shared on her own Story, that the two of them are “so good.”

“Friendships go through ups and downs. Looking back there are so many things I would change about my part in that situation. Hindsight is 20/20. [Ubah] and I had a bond instantly and we became very close. The reason we both became so upset about what happened is because of how deep our love for each other runs. I adore her and respect her tremendously,” she gushed.

RHONY Erin Lichy Reveals Update on Friendship With Ubah Hassan After Phone Prank

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