RHONY’s Erin Lichy Addresses Ubah Prank Going Wrong, Throwing Jenna Under the Bus, and Jessel’s “Privilege,” Plus Sharing Joint With John Mayer, and Who Was in Hot Seat at Reunion

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RHONY's Erin Lichy Addresses Ubah Prank Going Wrong, Throwing Jenna Under the Bus, and Jessel's "Privilege," Plus Sharing Joint With John Mayer, and Who Was in Hot Seat at Reunion

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Erin Lichy appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City saw her at odds with Ubah Hassan over a prank gone wrong.

As Erin, 36, also addressed throwing Jenna Lyons, 55, under the bus over her decision against flying coach with the cast, labeled Jessel Taank, 43, as privileged, and recalled smoking a joint with John Mayer, 45, at a Big Apple bar, she opened up about Brynn Whitfield‘s flirtations with her husband, Abraham “Abe” Lichy, and she revealed who was in the hot seat at the recently-taped reunion.

“I mean me, but Brynn too,” Erin shared on the September 17 episode of WWHL.

She then said that when it comes to who has the most grievances with her, that would likely be Jenna.

“Maybe Jenna with the first class thing,” she suspected.

Then, when her fellow guest, Karamo Brown, 42, suggested Abe should have said something about Brynn, 36, flirting with him, Erin insisted Brynn was just “messing around.”

After Erin agreed that “he should of” spoken up, she clarified that she was only upset about the issue due to Brynn’s statements about divorce.

“I just didn’t like the word divorce,” she revealed.

“I never thought that she had malintent, never, not for one second. What bothered me was that she was using the word divorce and like my whole family was there. My kids were there and that’s like an icky word,” Erin continued. “So that bothered me watching it back and seeing that she actually did say divorce after she said she didn’t bugged me cuz I’m like ‘Am I crazy, is Abe lying?’ I don’t have one answer to it but what I do know is she had no malintent.”

In addition to her friendships with her RHONY castmates, Erin has a relationship with Real Housewives of Salt Lake City‘s Meredith Marks, 51.

“I think we met at BravoCon and we went to dinner. We had so much fun,” she said of their relationship.

Also speaking of the drama that went down at her and Abe’s wedding anniversary party, Erin explained the food situation after being asked if she agreed with Sai De Silva‘s decision to leave early to get food.

“It was a cocktail party at 9 p.m. I had food. We had a caterer. Next time I’ll have a buffet just for her,” Erin said of Sai, 42.

Erin was equally opposed to Jessel’s suggestion that she is the “queen of assumption.”

“No I think I’m right,” she explained.

Then, after revealing she “shared a joint with John Mayer” while working at an NYC club years ago, Erin said she and Abe have plans to play matchmaker for Brynn.

“We are setting her up with three people over the next couple of weeks. I hope one of them works out. She’s such a great girl. It’s a matter of time,” she shared.

According to Erin, Brynn didn’t get mad at her sister Kelly for calling her “rude” and a “b*tch” after wreath making because they’re quite close.

“Oh my God, no. The three of us go out a lot and we have so much fun,” she admitted.

When Erin was then asked if she and the other women have been too hard on Jessel over her backstory, Erin explained the issue.

“It’s not that we’re saying that she grew up rich. I don’t know how she grew up but she’s comparing. It’s not like apples to apples. She’s comparing her life to what Sai and Brynn went through and it’s just not the same,” she noted. “Being able to have an internship is a privilege. You can’t just have an internship that you don’t get paid unless you are privileged. That’s a privilege.”

She also said “it’s hard” dealing with Jessel after Karamo labeled her “exhausting.”

As for her decision to go to the women and throw Jenna under the bus for saying she didn’t want to fly coach when that wasn’t the only reason she went early, Erin agreed it was a mistake.

“I actually feel terrible about it. I honestly really do,” she shared. “I thought that I was gonna deliver the news in a playful, funny way. It wasn’t funny, I should’ve given more of a backstory. She was being vulnerable with me. I adore her. She’s one of my very good friends.”

“I was like, we’re talking about first class and coach. Like it’s funny, silly stuff but I do feel bad because I love her so much. I wouldn’t want her to be upset,” she added.

Also on the show, after being asked about Ubah’s reaction to her pranking her by taking her phone in retaliation for Ubah pushing her into a pool, Erin said she was “stunned beyond belief.”

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