Brynn Whitfield Dishes on RHONY Cast Group Text Drama, Offers Update on Tyler Cameron, and Teases Reunion, Plus Addresses Erin and Ubah Prank Drama, & Live Viewing Thread

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Brynn Whitfield Dishes on RHONY Cast Group Text Drama, Offers Update on Tyler Cameron, and Teases Reunion, Plus Addresses Erin and Ubah Prank Drama, & Live Viewing Thread

Credit: Instagram/Brynn Whitfield, Clifton Prescod/Bravo

Brynn Whitfield appeared on the podcast of Vanderpump Rules cast member Lala Kent, 33, on Wednesday, where she admitted that all is not well between the Real Housewives of New York City cast.

While also offering an update on her love connection with Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron, 30, teasing fans of the upcoming reunion special, and looking back on her casting with Bravo, Brynn, 36, weighed in on the prank drama between castmates Erin Lichy, 36, and Ubah Hassan, 40.

“Every episode that comes out, [Ubah] gets all worked up all over again,” Brynn admitted on the September 27 episode of Give Them Lala.

According to Brynn, she thinks that Erin taking Ubah’s phone was a “dumb*ss joke.”

“It wasn’t funny. That’s not a prank. A prank is I bought a goat and tied it up to my friend’s house in the Hamptons. That’s a prank,” she stated. “Taking somebody’s phone is not a prank. It’s annoying. If she’d done it to me, I’d be like ‘Dude, you’re f*cking lame.’ Don’t do that again. I’d be irritated with her.”

At first, Brynn sided with Ubah in her drama with Erin. But after Ubah ripped Erin’s sunglasses off her face, she had a change of heart.

“I was raised you don’t get physical. So I didn’t like that,” she admitted. “Erin gets upset. It just went back and forth. It was like 10 f*cking hours of them fighting. [Ubah will] just keep going. She’s the energizer bunny. It’s really really wild to see.”

“I wouldn’t say she’s embarrassed but she’s upset that happened,” Brynn clarified of Ubah.

Although Brynn noted that Erin and Ubah “do love each other,” she said that when Ubah gets mad, it’s hard to talk her down.

“I don’t like seeing Ubah get like that because that’s not Ubah,” she explained. “Ubah, out of all of us, she’s actually the sweetest. [But] when she gets that mad, I think she’s probably the most intense housewife of the franchise and I watch all of them.”

Looking back at her RHONY casting, Brynn said it was “awkward” and “weird.”

“I thought it was a scam,” she shared of the messages she received on Instagram. “I was on private. I had like 3,000 followers or something. I was like, ‘What is this?’ I’m not some rich Mrs. Bloomberg or something. What do they want with me?”

Then, after a friend of hers confirmed that it was, in fact, Bravo reaching out, Brynn said she participated in a few interviews on Zoom and added that her casting process was a bit different than her co-stars.

“I thought that I’d meet [Andy Cohen] but I didn’t even interview with Andy. Everyone else had to. I didn’t. I didn’t even go to 30 Rock,” she explained. “Each time, I did it cuz I was like this is gonna be funny to tell people.  I just got drunk before each one.”

In addition to getting intoxicated, Brynn shared with producers that the guys she would date would often compare her to Schitt’s Creek character Alexis Rose.

Although Brynn didn’t know all of her castmates before joining the series, she confirmed she knew several.

“I knew [Jessel Taank] and I knew [Sai De Silva] from working with her and I knew Ubah from seeing her a few times. I knew of [Jenna Lyons]. I didn’t know Erin,” she shared.

But despite not having deep ties, all of the cast shared a common denominator.

“We all have these maternal mom stories and bonds but there’s like 30 things like that that we all share. But it all came out slowly. [Bravo is] literally geniuses,” she stated.

As for the RHONY reunion, Brynn said that in the days leading up to the hours-long taping, she was both nervous and anxious.

“I felt like I was going to a funeral. I was really really nervous going into it, like physically kind of sick and I had anxiety,” she revealed. “I had this like, ‘What the f*ck am I doing? I’m a grown a** woman why am I signing up to sit in a f*cking dress… I’m a sane person. This is dumb.’”

According to Brynn, she was sober for the entirety of the taping — but didn’t want to be.

“I was like, ‘Can I please have a drink? Can I please have some mushrooms?’ I was begging,” she recalled. “I turned to Andy, I was like, ‘Can you micro-dose me?’ He’s like ‘I can’t do that.’”

That said, Brynn described the taping as “easy” and said she had a “great time.”

“I was like, ‘Was that it?’ A couple of people exited through the gift shop immediately after and then there was sh*t going down on the group text. We all cried a lot. We did yell. I got a lot of apologies. I had a good old time,” she shared. “I just had fun but a couple of the girls, they different didn’t. So it was tough for some people.”

Although Brynn didn’t name names, she did say that Erin and Ubah’s prank drama was addressed.

“Ubah did clarify a couple things. Erin kept saying it was 45 minutes. She did have her phone for the or four hours,” Brynn noted.

Brynn then admitted that when it came to her very flirty Watch What Happens Live appearance with Tyler, she wished she’d tried a bit harder with him when they spend time together afterwards and “drank a lot.”

“I regret that I didn’t really shoot my shot with Tyler,” she shared. “We hung out afterwards but I didn’t like hardcore shoot my shot… Because here’s the thing: I’m the biggest flirt in the world. You know when I actually might actually like someone I start to get a little quiet … I kind of turn into a tom boy and I get a little shy… [But] he asked me for my phone number … [And] I think he has a place in New York.”

Also, during the interview, Brynn said that at this point, some of her cast mates would prefer there was no group text between them.

“The group text has never been bad. It’s always been like, we’re getting together, we share pictures, we share funny sh*t, but the group text in the past two weeks has been like, ‘F*ck you,’ ‘You’re a f*cking b*tch,’” she revealed.

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