Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Accused of Forcing Plane to Turn Around and Throwing a Fit Over First Class Seat, See What His Rep is Saying

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Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Accused of Forcing Plane to Turn Around and Throwing a Fit Over First Class Seat, See What His Rep is Saying

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Jax Taylor‘s rep is speaking out on his behalf after he was accused of forcing his JetBlue flight from New York to Los Angeles to turn around on the runway, causing a massive delay for his fellow passengers.

According to reports, the Vanderpump Rules star, 44, was traveling to Long Island City for the Newsroom restaurant opening last week when he allegedly had a fit after learning that his seat was malfunctioning and unable to recline.

“It made the plane two-and-a-half hours late because they were already on the runway, and it was raining,” an annoyed insider told Page Six on October 8.

However, Jax’s rep insisted that he was not responsible for the holdup.

“The plane did not come back [to the gate] due to any uproar,” the rep clarified. “His seat was in the bed position in first class, and the plane is unable to take off if it is not upright. He was not able to sit in that seat. It was not working. It was not his fault that the seat wouldn’t move from the bed position.”

According to JetBlue Mint, the airline features “a fully lie-flat seat built with Tuft & Needle’s T&N Adaptive® Foam cushions, a memory foam pillow and a customizable blanket.”

In addition to the delay causing passengers to become “frustrated,” it reportedly also led to a major issue for those traveling internationally as they were forced to rush around to avoid missing their flights and having to make other travel plans.

“There were 13 passengers going to Singapore and China who had to rush off the plane. They had, like, an hour to deplane and get to the other terminal before the doors closed,” the source shared. “People were upset, but not like rioting, just frustrated and gossiping when we returned and parked at the gate.”

Some even took to social media to share their grievances.

“Turns out it was some D-list reality TV person,” one person stated.

A reddit user who claims to have been on the plane as well also spoke out, stating: “I was on that plane. We were supposed to land at about 10am. This douchenozzle had to pitch enough of a fit that we ended up 2-1/2 hours late, making me late to the music festival I was headed to.”

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In addition to starring in the upcoming Vanderpump Rules spinoff, Jax is also set to appear on E!’s House of Villains, which premieres on Thursday, October 12, at 10/9c.