PHOTOS: RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Faces Backlash Over 14-Year-Old Audriana’s Outfit Choice in New Family Collaboration With Shein as Fans React

by Adam Ragsdale Comments

RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice faces backlash over 14-year-old Audriana’s outfit choice in new collaboration with Shein: “Isn’t appropriate.”

Teresa Giudice is facing backlash over her 14-year-old daughter’s recent outfit choice. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has been called out in the past over Audriana’s style choices with viewers claiming Teresa shouldn’t allow it.

This week, Teresa and her daughters announced their new collaboration with Shein, releasing photos of the family members as they promoted the launch.

Many fans took issue, however, with the youngest daughter’s outfit choice.

“I’m sorry but this dress isn’t appropriate for a 14-year-old. What is Teresa thinking? ????” wrote one fan on Twitter.

Another viewer added, “I’ve always thought they dressed a bit too old for me. They are all good girls so whatever but they dress so much older than their age.”

A third user expressed, “For every response out there justifying this type of attire for a 14 year old child let me just say – just because that’s what kids are wearing these days doesn’t make it ok. Kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. Every girl in a rush to be a [Victoria’s Secret] model.”

One fan defended the family, writing, “Personally my 15 yr old wouldn’t be allowed to wear this … but I’m not gonna talk crap about someone who does.”

Another viewer clapped back, “What part of it is ‘crap’? That kids aren’t allowed to be kids? That just bc others are doing it doesn’t make it ok? That the fashion industry are targeting young teens and tweens which adds to their pressure to look sexy?”

Other fans took up for Teresa and Audriana. “No really any different to models. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were around the same age at start of their careers.”

A different user expressed, “I worked at a middle school. Audriana, Teresas 14 year old [is] wearing this for a fashion shoot. Ones at school wear bralettes as tops daily. We can no longer dress code them. Parents tell us don’t tell us how to dress our kids.”