Southern Charm’s Taylor Ann Green Explains Sending Risqué Pic to Whitney, Off-Camera Kiss With Shep, and Why She’s “Disappointed” in Austen

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green on Sending Risqué Pic to Whitney, Off-Camera Kiss With Shep, and Feeling Austen Was "Worth Exploring," Plus Being "Disappointed" in His Kiss Reveal

Taylor Ann Green is opening up about the supposed “nude” photo she sent to Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Amid her drama on Southern Charm, which recently featured Austen Kroll, 36, coming clean about their kiss to his friend and her ex, Shep Rose, 43, Taylor, 28, a close friend of Shep’s ex, Olivia Flowers, 31, explained why she pursued Austen and shared her reaction to his decision to confirm their encounter.

“I was pretty disappointed,” Taylor admitted to Us Weekly on October 12.

On the latest episode, Austen told Shep that he and Taylor “kissed” after weeks of denying it. However, according to Taylor, it was Austen’s idea to keep the kiss a secret to begin with.

“He was like, ‘That’s not the important part.’ He was like, ‘A drunken kiss, doesn’t really matter. A conversation that we had [about dating]. OK, we can do that,’” Taylor recalled. “But then of course he was like, ‘I feel liberated and free and I don’t care.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m glad you feel liberated, because I just lied to one of my really good friends and I felt really, really bad about that.’”

As viewers saw, Taylor had sworn to Olivia that she and Austen did not hook up.

“I was like, ‘I wish we were on the same page with this because I stuck to what you had advised me to do,’” she noted, admitting she felt “a little bit” betrayed but ultimately forgave Austen.

While Taylor was “glad that it came out” eventually, she noted that their fancy dinner party wasn’t the best setting.

“Looking back, I’m like, ‘I wish that we had just kind of [waited],’ but I was so eager to be like, ‘I don’t want you to hear it from anybody else. I want you to hear it from me.’ So I was like, snag her at the [moment] when she walked in, I’m like, ‘Hey, welcome,’” Taylor shared. “I was like, ‘I should have probably taken her off and pulled her aside,’ but I just was like, ‘I have to tell her.’ … Austen got to feel liberated with his friend. I want to feel liberated with mine.”

During another interview, with The Decider, Taylor said she feels bad for “breaking girl code,” but she felt it was important to explore whether Austen was her “soulmate.”

“Looking back on it, I wish I just hadn’t, but it was worth exploring. Because what if Austen was my soulmate?” she wondered. “I truly believe in soulmates but like, what if he was, and I didn’t know that because I never explored it? But yeah, it happens. People pretend like it doesn’t happen — but it was worth exploring, honestly. Nothing came of it.”

Taylor also felt bad for failing to be honest with Olivia.

“I kept on trying to say, like, nothing’s going on — because there wasn’t anything going on. We didn’t have this ongoing relationship; it was a blip in time, and that’s all it was,” she explained. “We’re just caught up in emotions.”

As for the claims of a hookup, Taylor said she doesn’t believe a kiss falls into that category.

“In my version, hooking up means sleeping together. So like ‘No, we did not hook up, swear my life.’ And that’s true,” she stated.

Austen also wasn’t the only castmate she kissed amid filming on Southern Charm season nine; she also kissed Shep.

“It was right after we just got into a fight. I mean, who knows? We can sit down and try to be play psychologist and unravel why I did what I did. It’s like, we want what we can’t have, and then that trigger reminding me ‘I’m not what Shep wants.’ And then, you know, we shared a little kiss. And that’s all it was,” she noted. “I mean, you won’t see the kiss — the cameras were gone by then.”

As she made out with both Austen and Shep, Taylor confessed to sending a racy pic to Whitney.

“It was a risqué photo. Absolutely. But not like a straight up, ‘Whoa, there she is!'” Taylor clarified of the potentially nude image. “It is risqué, but you can’t even tell that it’s me. And I did it to get under Shep’s skin. That one I will take full responsibility for. That was a dig at Shep … I own up to it. Shame on me.”

“But I think it’s very weird that Whitney would even share that with his mother [Patricia Altschul]. Very odd. Like, what in the world? You’re gonna go run to mommy’s room and be like, like, ‘Wheee.’ That’s weird,” she added.

Also during the interview, after confirming Jarrett “JT” Thomas‘ feelings for her were not reciprocal, saying the two of them are nothing more than “great [friends],” Taylor looked back on her reunion with Little Craig, during which Shep got emotional.

“I’m kind of like, ‘Why are you crying? You’re the one that broke up the family here, it was your choice,'” she recalled. “It was a little frustrating to see him get emotional, but at the same time, Shep just has a very tender heart, deep down. He cries at documentaries, so of course he’s gonna cry when he sees his little baby boy and mommy reunited.”

Southern Charm season nine airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.