Paige DeSorbo Dishes on Getting Fired From Job Over Summer House, Prepping for BravoCon in Charleston, and Her Upcoming 31st Birthday, Plus Not Wanting to Wear Makeup

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Paige DeSorbo on Getting Fired Over Summer House, Prepping for BravoCon in Charleston, and Her 31st Birthday, Plus Not Wanting to Wear Makeup

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Paige DeSorbo revealed she was fired from two jobs due to her role on Summer House while appearing on Amazon Live last week.

As the Bravo star, 30, who has also been featured on Southern Charm and Winter House, discussed how she’s planning to prepare for BravoCon and her upcoming 31st birthday, both of which take place next month, Paige looked back on being axed by ABC News and Betches as she admitted she doesn’t love wearing makeup.

“If I don’t have to wear makeup then I don’t,” Paige said during her October 19 appearance on Amazon Live.

According to Paige, she tries not to wear makeup during the week. And, if she has to “look somewhat presentable,” she’s sure to take it off as soon as possible.

“During the week I am never in makeup for longer than two hours. If I have to go somewhere during the day and I have to put a little makeup on, right when I get home I wash it off… I am not a huge makeup girl and I have never really been one,” she explained.

Looking ahead to her 31st birthday on November 6, Paige said she didn’t like turning 30.

“I feel like I had so many girlfriends that were like ‘You’re so dramatic — it’s fine. It’s just a day older than 29.’ I did not feel like that,” she confessed. “I had to take inventory of my entire life. It was very scary for me. I didn’t like having a new number in front.”

Before Paige gets one year older, she’ll be heading to Las Vegas for BravoCon, which begins on Friday, November 3, and concludes on Sunday, November 5. And, before the event, she’ll be spending time down south with her boyfriend of about two years, Craig Conover, 34.

“I am going to Charleston on Saturday… I have been trying to go to Charleston before BravoCon so I don’t have to get a spray tan and I can just have a regular tan,” she shared of her prep. “It feels so much better when you have a natural bronze but I can’t obviously get it in New York.”

As for her looks, they’ve been a work in progress.

“I have been picking BravoCon looks since last BravoCon. I am actually so surprised they do it every year because it’s such an [undertaking] and it’s so much — I genuinely feel like I need nine outfits for that weekend,” she revealed.

Also during the appearance, Paige confirmed she was fired from not one, but two of her jobs after joining the cast of Summer House in 2019 for its third season.

“I worked for ABC News and I worked for their production company. I was the assistant to the president of unscripted TV… When I got Summer House I went into my office and said, ‘I got this job opportunity with NBC. It won’t affect my work schedule at all. We only film Friday through Sunday and I can do my regular job Monday through Friday all is well.’ And they were like, ‘That is totally fine. When it comes out on TV we will have to assess if you can still work at our company,’” Paige recalled.

Understandably, Paige was “terrified and nervous” as soon as she started filming. And, once the show began, she got the phone call she was dreading.

“I woke up at 8 am and I am getting a call from my ABC job. They called me that first day and they fired me,” Paige revealed. “They said, ‘We actually reassessed and because you signed a contract with NBC you can’t work with us at ABC.’ So I got fired the first day of Summer House.”

As for her other job, working as a freelance fashion writer for Betches, Paige also lost it.

“Seriously everything happens for a reason because that is how I met [Hannah Berner] from going into the offices when I was freelance writing. Anyway, Betches ended up firing us too because they wanted nothing to do with us once the show started,” she concluded.

Summer House season eight is expected to premiere on Bravo sometime later this year or in early 2024.