RHOP Premiere Recap: Gizelle Confronts Robyn About Juan’s Cheating Rumors & His Outing With Another Woman at Nail Salon is Revealed as Robyn Makes Excuses for Him, Plus Jason Cameron Makes His Debut

by Julia Comments

RHOP Premiere Recap: Gizelle Confronts Robyn About Juan’s Cheating Rumors & His Outing With Another Woman at Nail Salon is Revealed as Robyn Makes Excuses for Him, Plus Jason Cameron Makes His Debut Here’s to keeping Potomac “weird,” as Ashley puts it… On this season of the Real Housewives of Potomac, old drama resurfaces, and new lifestyles are beginning. Gizelle calls an intervention of some sort to see if Robyn is in denial or just delusional about her marriage to Juan, considering the new cheating allegations that have come up. Robyn seems to be standing by her man despite the red flags, but can the rest of the group accept this?

The episode kicks off with Juan and Robyn. The relationship is STILL in the hot seat as new rumors surface about Juan with other women. Robyn claims that everyone is poking holes in her marriage, but she admits that Juan communicated with another woman on Instagram. This woman eventually showed receipts that Juan got her a hotel room, and Juan fed Robyn some BS that he was never physical with her.

Then there’s the picture of Juan with the lady in the laundromat and yet another shot of Juan with a woman in a nail salon. (LOL to the shade of the Bravo producers and their recreations of the alleged incidents.) This should be enough for any woman to up and leave her husband, but not Robyn.

Robyn is busy living on another planet, attempting to escape “real life” for a hot second by vacationing in the Bahamas, but now all the noise is back. When Robyn brings up the hotel-receipt girl, Juan claims he was only doing it for a good deed and realizes it sounds weird, but he swears it is the truth. Juan believes that he is “too friendly, too nice,” which is a nice way to put that he’s cheating, amiright?

Juan brushes all of this off and says that people are gonna say what they want. Robyn continues to make excuses for Juan and realizes that the recent loss of his job has nothing to do with the sexual lawsuit that, according to Juan, is not factual. Juan refuses to give this story “energy,” which translates to, ‘I don’t want to talk about this anymore,’ and he suggests that they just focus on raising their boys. Just what every woman wants to hear in the midst of cheating rumors…

Karen meets up with Candiace and Wendy. Wendy whips her cross out of her purse and explains that’s how she is able to get the drama to bounce off of her.  Speaking of drama, Karen talks about how she is okay with Gizelle and Ashley, but she is waiting for Robyn to take some ownership. After Robyn spent the entire year promising that the world would see Karen for who she is, all Karen can do is shrug. She is an open book, unlike Robyn who is a liar, according to Karen. They point out that Robyn was deflecting her reality onto Candiace and her relationship. The ladies ponder if Robyn and Juan are actually married and call Robyn delusional.

Ashley and her boys are by far the cutest thing.  Ashley calls her new place “seaside in the city,” with a coastal chic look that cost a cool $2 million.  Ashley explains that things are different having the boys in the house without her ex, Michael. Now she is a full-time mom, along with her nanny, Daisy, of course. Michael’s name is still on the mortgage of her home, and Ashley is unsure what may happen financially when they are officially divorced, which might explain why she is dragging her feet with this divorce.

Ashley phones Gizelle, and they chat about kids and alimony. Gizelle talks about how she wants to get together and help Robyn. The plan is to support her but also show Robyn how delusional she has been when it comes to Juan’s actions. Ashley knows that this convo is not likely to end well since she has tried in the past to talk to Robyn. Gizelle feels like Robyn is just backing up any excuse Juan gives her.

Gizelle has a new beau, Jason… yes, that Jason, from Winter House (thanks for the hook-up, Ashley!). Jason is 16 years younger than Gizelle, but she is ready to live… and the “west wing is seeing some things it hasn’t seen in a while.” Jason lives in New York, and so Gizelle tries to see him every other week, which, according to her, is perfect. In other news, Gizelle’s daughter is heading off to college, and so for her last spring break, they went off to Dubai to celebrate. Gizelle’s daughters believe that Jason is a good fit for their mom, so things have been going great.

Mia explains that she has moved out of her big house and down to 1,500 square foot place. This is a rental because she can no longer afford her lavish lifestyle due to her issues with their businesses. Mia’s husband, Gordon, refuses to walk away from what the company owes him. There is a financial strain on their household, but Mia promises that she will come back even better. Mia talks about Gordon’s depression and admits that even she got frustrated at him because there were points where she thought perhaps Gordon was involved in something fishy with the business.

Mia discusses how she is “not drinking,” however, she will drink wine. The last time she had a cocktail, she ran her mouth, especially with Karen, and she wants to make things better with her.

Candiace heads out for a picnic in the park with her husband, Chris. After the last challenging year with their marriage, Candiace is hopeful for a fresh start. Candiace has not been home very much due to touring, and she laments about how the tour is incredibly expensive. She believes that she has spent over six figures to go on tour last year.

Candiace talks about her visit with Wendy and Karen and explains that they can’t seem to understand why Robyn would push lies about Chris when she is the one whose marriage really has question marks surrounding it. It’s hard for Candiace because Robyn has always been one of her girls, but things have been so weird between them lately.

Charrisse is the first to arrive at Robyn’s intervention hosted by Gizelle. When Ashley rolls up, she jokes about Gizelle’s house always being under construction, and so she carefully makes her way over to Charrisse and Gizelle. They discuss how they plan on talking to Robyn about her relationship, and Gizelle can’t get over Robyn not caring about the rumors and pictures of Juan. Apparently, it has become Robyn’s new normal. Is it denial or delusion?

Robyn arrives, and Gizelle kicks it off. She lets Robyn know that this open forum is for some tough love.  Ashley takes a deep breath and begins questioning Robyn’s honesty.  Ashley reminds Robyn that she has been in a situation where she has had to defend her relationship and it doesn’t feel good. Robyn continues to stress that the laundromat situation was nothing to panic about, and she reminds the group that Juan is “not dumb enough to be out in public” allegedly having affairs. Gizelle points out that Juan isn’t thinking how his actions will affect Robyn, and the ladies cannot fathom how Robyn isn’t seeing this.

Robyn refuses to tell Juan what he can and cannot do and claims she doesn’t care. Robyn finally admits that her “joy has been stolen,” and even though Juan is at the center of this stolen joy, Robyn refuses to put the blame on him. Gizelle reminds Robyn that Juan is CHOOSING to act a certain way, but Robyn calls everything a cruel pile-on.

Charrisse reminds Robyn that she went through years of her ex being in various relationships with other women. She becomes emotional reopening those wounds as she compares her situation to Robyn’s current situation. Charrisse says she made excuse after excuse for her ex and doesn’t want that for Robyn. The WWHL episode made Charrisse even more upset about it, and Ashley feels like this is a “protect Juan campaign.” Robyn holds Juan accountable for communicating with the Canadian lady and promises that if something like that would ever happen again, she would kick him out.

Gizelle shares that she will always put herself first after her failed marriage, and she doesn’t want Robyn to lose sight of who she is. Whatever Juan tells Robyn, she believes, and Robyn appears a bit defensive discussing this topic. She states that she would prefer to get through it and keep living. Gizelle reminds Robyn that she is there for her, and even though Robyn seemingly acts okay, it’s clear her pain is going to come out. When it comes to Robyn’s relationship with Juan, “We got nowhere to go but up.” Wise words, Gizelle..