RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Is Sued For $450,000 as She Denies Any Wrongdoing Amid Monica Garcia’s Other Lawsuit Drama

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOSLC Star Heather Gay Is Sued For $450,000 Over Copyright Infringement as She Denies Any Wrongdoing Amid Monica Garcia’s “Botched” Injections Drama

Credit: Heidi Gutman/BRAVO

Heather Gay is reportedly facing a federal lawsuit.

In addition to this lawsuit from a photographer who accused the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star of copyright infringement, Heather is also being sued by castmate Monica Garcia, who filed after Heather sued Monica for allegedly failing to pay for Beauty Lab’s services. Per Monica’s allegations, however, she received “botched” lip and nose injections.

Radar Online recently obtained court docs showing that Heather and her company Beauty Lab + Laser are facing a civil lawsuit from photographer Gavin O’Neill.

The federal suit was filed in March after the plaintiff made accusations of copyright infringement. The photographer, who said he’s worked with GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue, claims he pays his bills from the work being licensed.

According to Gavin, Heather used images of models – which he captured – in advertisements for her Beauty Lab company. One of the photos was allegedly used to showcase the possible results “of what can be achieved with Beauty Lab’s HydraFacial services, and urged its users to book an appointment online.”

The photographer claimed Heather and Beauty Lab used the images without paying him or obtaining his permission.

“O’Neill is informed and believes Defendants (including their employees, agents, contractors or others over whom they have responsibility and control) used, displayed, published, and otherwise held out to the public O’Neill’s original and unique Photographs in order to acquire a direct financial benefit from the use of the Photographs through revenue from the sales of Beauty Lab’s products and services,” said the document.

Gavin claimed he tried to resolve the issue with Heather before taking legal action, but the star refused. In his lawsuit, he demands more than $450,000 in damages. Heather and Beauty Lab have denied the allegations and demand that the suit be dismissed. According to Heather, there was no wrongdoing, and Gavin was not damaged by any of her actions.

“Defendant’s infringement was not willful. Defendant removed the allegedly infringing photographs immediately upon receiving notice,” said Heather’s response. As of now, the case has not been resolved.

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