Madison LeCroy Reveals Plastic Surgeries She’s Had, If Craig and Paige Will Get Married, and Her “Most Raw Experience” on Southern Charm, Plus How Brett Protected Hudson After He Got Hurt

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Madison LeCroy Reveals Plastic Surgeries She's Had, If Craig and Paige Will Get Married, and Her "Most Raw Experience" on Southern Charm, Plus How Brett Protected Hudson After He Got Hurt

Madison LeCroy opened up about the plastic surgeries she’s had done during an interview on Thursday.

As she also shared her thoughts on Craig Conover, 34, and Paige DeSorbo‘s potential future wedding, Paige’s role on Southern Charm, and her rawest moment on the show, Madison, 33, looked back on the moment in which her son, Hudson, arrived home with injuries following a fight with another boy.

“No one ever prepares you for when your child is gonna get bullied and I’m not saying that Hudson was bullied but clearly, he was hurt,” Madison shared during a November 16 interview on Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap.

Although Madison said she isn’t a “crier,” she admitted she was “balling crying, not only for [Hudson], but because of how much anger [she] had and how mad [she] was.”

“And I was like, ‘I’ve gotta stay strong for my son,'” she noted, adding that the scene “was intense.”

“We could’ve made a whole season out of that one day because there’s a whole other part that everyone didn’t get to see and that was me trying to get to the bottom of what happened,” Madison recalled.

According to Madison, Hudson got into a fight during a game of Man Hunt.

“It’s just like Hide and Go Seek. And one of the younger kids got left out of the fort, [and] got angry about it,” she explained. “He was two years younger than Hudson and they started wrestling and fighting and he just latched onto Hudson’s arm and bit him and wouldn’t let go.”

Speaking of Hudson’s demeanor, Madison said, “He is the opposite of me. He is the sweetest, kindest… I couldn’t make him be mean to anybody.”

That said, she doesn’t want him to be a wuss.

“I had to have that talk with him too, I said, ’Now that you’re better, you better never come back with your a** beat again or you’re gonna be in big trouble,’” she laughed.

While Madison has often said that her husband, Brett Randle, doesn’t enjoy being filmed, she revealed that he understands the process and did his best to shield Hudson from the cameras after his fight.

“Something that really caught my attention with him and why I love him so much is you could see how Brett … [He] kinda blocked that view from where cameras couldn’t really zoom in on his face,” she shared. “He was protecting him as much as we could.”

Looking back at that moment, Madison noted, “That was the most raw experience I’ve ever experienced on TV.”

Moving on to Paige, 31, Madison said she loves having her on Southern Charm.

“I have been begging for someone with this kind of personality since I got on this show,” Madison explained. “I mean, I have [Patricia Altschul] but Patrica can’t come to every single event. Paige’s eye-rolls are enough for me. So I’m happy she’s on, honestly.”

And Madison believes that despite their hesitation to get married soon, they will one day tie the knot.

“My favorite thing about Paige is the fact that she’s so career-driven I think that Craig is, [Naomie Olindo], she’s very career-driven as well, he’s attracted to those types of women but Paige is New York driven. She is fast-paced, she is doing her thing, she’s going to do it whether he’s involved or not and I think it’s almost like he’s poking fun at her. I think it will eventually happen but they’re both just knocking it out and being successful so I don’t know if it’s time to get married,” she suspected. “But I would love to have her in Charleston full time.”

Also during the interview, Madison was asked about her plastic surgeries.

“I’ve had a lift with small implants — like 275ccs — and I had a tummy tuck due to having a 10-pound, nine-ounce child,” she explained. “Also let me go back to when I did all this, I was smaller than I was right now so I just had that little bit of skin removed where my belly button wasn’t snatching back. I’m gonna regret that when I have more kids but yeah…”

“[And] obviously,” she added.,”I have done filler, lips, and Botox.”

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.