RHOSLC – Monica Garcia’s DMs Are Leaked of Her Saying She’s “Obsessed” With Heather’s Beauty Lab Services Before Claims of Botched Procedure in Lawsuit, and Live Viewing Thread

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REPORT: Monica Garcia Was “Obsessed” with Beauty Lab’s Services before Suing Heather's Company for Allegedly “Botched” Injections

According to reports, Monica was “obsessed” with Beauty Lab’s services before countersuing the medical spa for “botched” injections.

The spa – owned by Monica’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City nemesis Heather Gay – first sued Monica for allegedly failing to pay $2,000 for nose and lip injections.

Per The U.S. Sun, Beauty Lab provided screenshots of Monica’s Instagram messages to Regan Brooks, a licensed technician whose services Monica praised.

The outlet obtained court docs of BL arguing that Monica failed to show evidence of “defective or negligent” services, or proof she was treated by a different company to “fix the damage.”

The medical spa released screenshots from December 2019 to May 2020 as Monica praised their services. The star “constantly and openly raved about how good the services actually were,” Beauty Lab claimed.

In a message from December 10, 2019, Monica wrote, “OB-SESSED!! You’re amaze,” adding two heart emojis. Three days later, she sent Regan a photo of her face with the comment, “I mean… So good.”

Image credit: The U.S. Sun

Image credit: The U.S. Sun

Monica also told Regan she was “sad” she had to bump an appointment to the next year.

Image credit: The U.S. Sun

On January 24, 2020, Monica told the technician, “Had so many people message me after this pic about wanting to get lips with you now.” About three months later, she wrote, “Can’t wait to come see you again!!!!”

Image credit: The U.S. Sun

Image credit: The U.S. Sun

The medical spa is still seeking the $2,000 Monica allegedly owes, as well as judgment interests and attorney’s fees.

Earlier this month, Heather’s company entered a motion to dismiss the countersuit, citing two reasons why. “First, the Utah Health Care Malpractice Act, which governs [Monica’s] claims, imposes a two-year statute of limitations on all malpractice actions against a health care provider,” said the medical spa. “Consequently, [Monica’s] claims against BLL are time-barred by the Act’s statute of limitations and should be dismissed with prejudice.”

Beauty Lab also claimed she “did not obtain a Certificate of Compliance or follow any of the prelitigation requirements set forth in the Act prior to filing this lawsuit.”

Monica’s lawyer asked for more time to collect evidence and respond to Beauty Lab’s motion. He believes they should have three more months to prepare, as Monica was at a “severe disadvantage” because she had to respond within days.

“Despite diligent efforts, defendant has not been able to obtain information from the entity that provided treatment to her to remedy the defective and negligent lip treatment performed by plaintiff,” said the court documents.

The lawyer claimed Monica “repeatedly contacted” another medical spa, RUMA Aesthetics, to “fix” the “botched” injections, but they haven’t shared the records.

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