Married to Medicine’s Quad Webb on If Sweet Tea and Greg Will Last, as She Shades Wedding, Her Style and “Fake” Designer Duds, Plus She Addresses Heavenly Bringing Sweet Tea to Show & Suspects She’ll Get Pregnant to Stay On

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Married to Medicine's Quad Webb on If Sweet Tea and Greg Will Last, as She Shades Wedding, Her Style and "Fake" Designer Duds, Plus She Addresses Heavenly Bringing Sweet Tea to Show

Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo, Instagram

Quad Webb reacted to Dr. Heavenly Kimes admitting she was partially responsible for getting LaTeasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford cast on Married to Medicine on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live.

While also answering a series of rapid-fire questions about her new co-star, who was recently seen tying the knot with her ex-husband, Gregory Lunceford, Quad suspected LaTeasha would quickly get pregnant to secure herself a second season on the show, shaded her style, and more.

“I did not like it,” Quad admitted of Heavenly’s involvement with LaTeasha’s casting on the November 26 episode of WWHL. “Heavenly and I talk a lot and I think that just should’ve been a conversation maybe her and I should have had. But Heavenly is about what’s good for the show and she thought that bringing the girl on the show would be good for the show and she knows that if the girl ever tries me, she’s done.”

According to Quad, she’s “really happy” for LaTeasha and Greg, despite her past marriage to the latter.

“I hope they do well and have an everlasting relationship,” she stated.

And while fellow guest Heavenly made it clear that she was not convinced the couple will last, Quad says she “[thinks]” they’ll make it to the reunion before suspecting a pregnancy announcement will be made soon.

“I think they’re gonna try diligently to work on that. They want another season so they’re gonna try hard,” she suggested.

Quad then shaded LaTeasha and Greg’s wedding, saying her bubble bath “was giving luxurious” and she “didn’t see that much at the wedding,” and she noted that LaTeasha is better suited for her former spouse because she’s “palatable and easily to be influenced by him.”

Continuing on, Quad told host Andy Cohen that LaTeasha’s style is “jive-y” and added that she’s the cast member most in need of a stylist.

“I’m gonna say T. She needs to learn not to leave tags on the clothing,” Quad stated, noting that she’s also the most guilty of sporting fake designer duds.

Then, after refusing to answer how she fits in intellectually, Quad responded to Heavenly’s suggestion that LaTeasha is “too damn honest” about being out for money.

“‘Well what do you like most about being engaged to a doctor?’ … ‘Access to a lot of money.’ She did say it,” Quad noted.

Also on the live broadcast, Quadd said Heavenly is “most likely to leak stories to press” and called her co-star out for saying she “[sleeps] around and [sleeps] with people’s men.”

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Quad responded to Dr. Jackie Walters saying she only sees or speaks to friends when it is convenient.

“That’s completely not true and that’s insinuating I use my friends. I love my friends,” Quad clarified. “There has never been a time I’ve been called upon or invited that I did not show up so I’ve got to tell you that’s an untrue statement. I love my friends. But here’s the thing: If they’re not trying to interact with me and I’m seeing things like them hanging out with my ex’s new fiancé or whoever, it makes me feel a certain kind of way as well.”

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