RHOP’s Wendy Osefo Leaks DMs Showing Nneka Ihim Tried to Meet Before Filming, Shares Details Behind Falling Out With Lebe, and Reacts to Claims of Lying, Plus Reveals Her Kids Are Being Harassed by Bots

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RHOP's Wendy Osefo Slams "Malicious" Narrative, Claims Nneka Tried to Meet Off-Camera, and Slams "Clout Chasers," Plus Reacts to Claims of Lying About Knowing Lebe and Says Kids Are Being Harassed by Bots

Dr. Wendy Osefo is slamming her Real Housewives of Potomac castmates for their “malicious” narrative.

After being accused of lying about knowing Lebe Iwu, Wendy, 39, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to clarify her statements while also sharing that she and her children are being attacked on social media by bots and stating that Nneka attempted to meet with her off-camera prior to the start of filming on season eight.

“Sigh … I have really been minding my business this season [and] not reacting/tweeting about [RHOP]. But this narrative is getting malicious… You say you don’t know me, but a year [and] a half ago BEFORE we started filming you kept pressing Lebe to ask me to have dinner with you,” Wendy wrote on X on December 3, along with a screenshot of March 2022 text messages sent to her by Nneka’s cousin-in-law.

“How does your schedule look? I’d love to get together for brunch or dinner. My in-law just moved here from LA and Bravo’s production team has approached her about coming on to a show,” Lebe had written in one of her messages.

Wendy Osefo Accuses Nneka of Trying to Meet With Her Before RHOP Season 8

In a second post, Wendy confirmed that Lebe and her sister, who Wendy said was better friends with Lebe than she was, had a falling out.

“And yes, my sister and your cousin in law did have a falling out. One of the MANY reasons being Lebe Iwu was name dropping me calling me her ‘cousin’ to get a BBL! The whole squad is full of clout chasers,” Wendy alleged, including messages from Lebe in which she expressed interest in getting a Brazilian butt lift.

RHOP Wendy Osefo Shares Texts From Lebe Iwu Name Dropping for BBL

In unseen footage aired on RHOP, Nneka mentioned that Wendy had announced Lebe at her daughter’s Sip and See event after Wendy suggested she wasn’t close with Lebe. In turn, a number of Wendy’s co-stars wondered why Wendy would lie about their ties.

Following the sharing of Wendy’s confirmation of Lebe’s falling out with her sister, she was confronted by an X user who pointed out that her sister’s relationship with Lebe further proved she knew her.

“But Wendy this is just further proving you knew this lady,” they wrote.

“Babe I never said I did not know Lebe. I said I did not know how old she was when I was asked,” she clarified, adding, “Rewatch the clip.”

RHOP Wendy Osefo Denies Saying She Did Not Know Lebe Iwu

Wendy then reminded Nneka that she could have come to her directly if she had a problem with her, noting that she previously gave her co-star her number.

“After the drama at [Ashley Darby]’s event I came up to YOU and gave you my number because I felt like they were trying to pit us against each other,” she stated. “You could have called or texted me if you REALLY had an issue, but you went to lunch with [Robyn Dixon] instead and decided to gossip.”

RHOP Wendy Osefo Accuses Nneka of Gossiping With Robyn

Also on Twitter on Monday night, Wendy revealed her children are being harassed on social media.

“Lastly, to WHOMEVER is paying people/’bots’ to attack my children’s social media pages, threaten harm to me and my family, and harass us with threats of violence. This is not okay and please STOP,” she demanded, along with two shocking screenshots from Twitter, one of which said she “needs [a] bullet in her head.”

RHOP Wendy Osefo Claims Her Children Are Being Harassed on Social Media

The Real Housewives of Potomac season eight airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.