Scheana Shay Reveals Drama With Lindsay Hubbard and What She Texted Her After Going to Mexico During Wedding Weekend

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Scheana Shay Reveals Drama With Lindsay Hubbard and What She Texted Her After Going to Mexico During Wedding Weekend

Scheana Shay received a text message from Lindsay Hubbard after she went to Mexico on what would have been their wedding weekend.

On a recent episode of her podcast, the Vanderpump Rules cast member, 38, explained Lindsay, 37, reached out after she was seen hanging out with Carl Radke’s mom in Mexico following Lindsay and Carl’s breakup, and she also shared if she’s heard from the Summer House star since.

“I think it was the second day I was there and I [got] a text from Lindsay and I guess I had made a comment while we were in the pool one day and I was hanging out with Carl’s mom,” Scheana revealed on the December 1 episode of Scheananigans, via Us Weekly. “Sharon and I have been friends for many years now. We did Watch What Happens Live together years ago when [she] and my mom were the bartenders and I’ve always just maintained a relationship with her.”

According to Scheana, she couldn’t imagine “how hard” it’s been for Sharon in the months since Lindsay and Carl’s engagement was called off and suspected she “needed” a vacation. In fact, she was excited to hang out with Sharon and the others who moved forward with their plans to go to Mexico, including Kyle Cooke, 41, and Gabby Prescod, 32, ahead of the trip.

That said, once the group began sharing pics, Scheana felt bad for Lindsay.

“She texted me and said that she heard from five different people [that I was being negative about her in Mexico],” Scheana said. “And I’m like there’s no way it’s five people because I made one comment and it was a joke.”

While Scheana didn’t say exactly what Lindsay heard, she mentioned that they may be called to return to the “Squash That Beef” game at BravoCon 2024 after being part of this year’s panel after she accused Lindsay of calling paparazzi following a group outing in New York City.

“I was like, ‘Oh I can just imagine the fans next year, like, ‘Are we going to have real beef to squash because I’m here in Mexico with Carl’s mom?’” Scheana wondered, insisting whatever she said was a “total joke” that had been taken in “a different way.”

Scheana went on to reveal that while she assured Lindsay that she wasn’t “trashing her” or “being really negative” in Mexico, Lindsay did not “respond.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres next month on Bravo.