Lala Kent Reacts to Scheana Saying ‘Scandoval’ Was “So Hard” for Her, Scheana’s Kiss With Tom Schwartz, & Why She Hasn’t Been on Jeff Lewis’ Show, Plus If She Still Talks to Capt. Jason

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Lala Kent Reacts to Scheana Saying ‘Scandoval’ Was “So Hard” for Her, Scheana's Kiss With Tom Schwartz, & Why She Hasn't Been on Jeff Lewis’ Show, Plus If She Still Talks to Capt. Jason

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Lala Kent is reacting to Scheana Shay‘s recent appearance on Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast, during which Scheana suggested Ariana Madix didn’t understand how hard “Scandoval” was for her and opened up about the struggles she faced and the weight she lost after her friend was cheated on.

In addition to sharing her thoughts on the kiss Scheana, 38, shared with Tom Schwartz, 40, explaining why she’s never been a guest on Jeff Lewis‘ radio show, and confirming if she’s still in touch with Captain Jason Chambers, 50, Lala, 33, responded to Scheana’s podcast appearance.

“I didn’t listen to the Hot Mic podcast. But umm that’s probably true,” Lala said of Scheana’s claims during her December 13 appearance on Amazon Live. “I don’t think people will… Scheana, people really come for her … I’ve come for her, I get it. We’ve all come for each other. But, you know, Scheana went through a grieving process as well.”

According to Lala, she believes Scheana’s feelings are valid due to how close she was to Tom Sandoval, 41, and Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, when their months-long affair was exposed.

“She was done dirty by two of her nearest and dearest friends. I think that her feelings have been extremely discounted by a lot of people, not just in the group but the fan base,” Lala explained.

As Pump Rules fans saw upon the release of the season 11 trailer, one of the more shocking scenes involved Scheana — although she wasn’t present.

“I was a bit shocked,” Lala said of the moment in which Schwartz informed her that he and Scheana had kissed in Las Vegas.

“I was like, ‘How has it taken this long to come out?'” she continued. “The thing is it always comes out in this group, and I will say there are a few things that I know about a few people in this group. Very hypocritical. I’m not going to be the one to ever talk about it because I am a loyal one. But at some point, things just come out.”

Regarding why she’s never been on Jeff’s show, Lala said it’s not a her issue, but rather a Bravo issue.

“Whenever I do a podcast or a live show like Sirius XM, that has to go through my PR team and then my PR team has to also go through Bravo to make sure that I keep my mouth shut. And especially because it’s a live [show] and I don’t really have any control over it. Jeff, he wilds out and I love Jeff Lewis. But sometimes, they say like, ‘Hey we prefer you not do that right now, let’s talk about it next month,'” Lala revealed. “So that’s really why I haven’t been on yet cause I haven’t gotten approval.”

Also, during the appearance, Lala confirmed she and Captain Jason, who she hit it off with at BravoCon, are still in touch — although informally.

“We communicate through Instagram like if he posts something, I’m like, ‘Ha that’s so cool.’ But no,” she shared. “I think he’s very very handsome as many people do. He’s quite a bit older than me. He lives somewhere very very far from me. Timing is everything with a relationship, and I’m just not quite there.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres on Tuesday, January 30, at 8/7c on Bravo.