VIDEO: Taylor Ann Green Faces Backlash for Bringing Up Olivia’s Late Brother Amid an Argument in Southern Charm Sneak Peek as Fans React

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

VIDEO: Southern Charm's Taylor Ann Green Slammed as "Trash" and "Beyond Low" for Bringing Up Olivia's Late Brother Amid an Argument in Sneak Peek

Taylor Ann Green is facing backlash after shockingly mentioning Olivia Flowers‘ late brother, Connor Flowers, who died earlier this year, amid an argument about the kiss she shared with Olivia’s ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll.

As she attempted to defend the hookup in a sneak peek at the December 21 episode of Southern Charm, Taylor, 28, brought up Olivia’s sibling and was quickly shamed by fans, who reacted to the comment on social media with complete disgust.

“I had a moment. Who do I go to? My confidant, my brother. I love and adore him, as I know you love and adore your brother,” Taylor states, standing up at a dinner table across from Olivia, 31.

“Oh, don’t do that,” Venita Aspen, 30, replies as she and Austen, 36, cover their faces.

“Okay, okay,” says Olivia.

As the cast sat in shock, Jarrett “JT” Thomas, 38, came to Taylor’s defense in a confessional.

“I don’t think she realized what she was saying. I think she was just emotionally charged,” he explained.

Meanwhile, in her own confessional, Olivia adds, “Before all this stuff, I would genuinely feel like Taylor didn’t really mean how it came out. But now, she’s pretty much crossed a line. I don’t see her being able to come back from, from saying that.”

Back in the scene, Taylor tells Olivia, “This is the first time I’ve breached your trust.”

But again, Venita shoots her down, saying, “Don’t act like it’s small.”

“I’ve never had a friend tell me that they hate me,” Taylor continues.

“I’ve never had a friend lie to me as much as you have,” Olivia fires back.

“I lied one time, Olivia! One time! One time!” Taylor yells as Olivia wonders what scorebook she’s using.

“I have never had a friend treat me this way. You’re calling me a liar, that you’ll never believe me, and that you hate me,” Taylor adds, prompting Madison LeCroy, 33, to point out that Olivia’s assessment was true.

“Those are all true!” Olivia replies.

“Using the word hate is so strong, Olivia. Using the word hate is so strong,” Taylor insists.

“Correct, yes,” Olivia states. “That’s why I said it.”

Following the sharing of the intense clip, Southern Charm fans slammed Taylor for her disturbing comment and applauded Olivia for keeping her composure.

“Olivia not lungeing across that table shows how much of a class act she is. Talk about self-control,” one person stated.

“God bless [Olivia Flowers] for not reacting how I would’ve had someone [bring] up my loved one who passed in a heated moment,” said a second.

Someone else pointed out that deceased family members should be “OFF LIMITS” and noted that Taylor, who lost her own brother, Richard Worthington “Worth” Green, later in the year, was “something else.”

“I do not get how anyone could be on Taylor’s side of anything,” another Instagram user agreed.

Others labeled Taylor “insufferable” and called her “trash.”

“I’ve seen very few things said on reality TV that were thought out as much as Taylor bringing up Olivia’s brother. And she said it slowly for impact. Ick,” someone wrote.

“This is beyond low,” another added.

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.