RHOM Recap: Adriana Shares Details of Alexia’s Alleged Financial Issues & Who Told Her as Alexia and Marysol Storm Out of Nicole’s Event Over Ana, Plus Larsa Cries Over Divorce

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RHOM Recap: Adriana De Moura Suggests Alexia is Facing Financial Issues as Alexia Shades Nicole as "Sneaky" and Marysol Fumes Over Ana, Plus Larsa Cries Over Divorce

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami, Adriana De Moura suggested castmate Alexia Echevarria and husband Todd Nepola, who were being forced to quickly vacate their 10,000-square-foot apartment, were having to do so due to financial issues.

After Alexia, 56, claimed she and Todd were moving out of their rental because the owner decided to sell, Adriana, 58, told Julia Lemigova, 51, that one of her friends informed her of Alexia’s supposed money trouble. Plus, Alexia and Marysol Patton, 56, feuded with Nicole Martin, 38, over Ana Quincoces‘ presence at her Mother’s Day dinner party, and Larsa Pippen, 49, cried over her divorce from Scottie Pippen, 58.

“A little bird told me something in relation to [Alexia and Todd], said that they’re having some financial issues,” Adriana revealed on the December 27 episode.

“Ana and I hadn’t spoken for years. It wasn’t until last year that she reached out to me after seeing the amount of bullying that Marysol and Alexia were giving to me. And she told me, you know, I feel your pain because I also, you know, had to go through hell with them,” Adriana added in a confessional.

Back in the scene, Adriana told Julia, “She was besties with Alexia and Marysol, and then they had a huge fight. That friendship ended. So Ana said that because, you know, interest rates are high and Todd’s business is about loaning, Todd’s business is not doing that well. So Ana said that they’re gonna have to break the lease on their apartment and leave that place and find another place that’s maybe perhaps less expensive.”

After Julia admitted she was uncomfortable hearing the information in confessional since she and Alexia recently reconciled their relationship, Alexia and Marysol were seen arriving at Nicole’s Mother’s Day dinner — only to find out that Marysol’s nemesis, Ana, was coming as Adriana’s plus-one.

“Guess what, I’m leaving… I’m not hanging out with her. She’s toxic. She’s toxic. You know how many times she’s gone on the internet and said she wishes I was dead?” Marysol asked.

While Marysol refused to discuss Ana in a confessional, Alexia suspected Nicole was involved.

“Nicole is trying to be sneaky and slick and I’m not liking it because I know she’s lying. Why can’t Nicole just say, ‘Listen, I brought her because I’m still mad at Marysol and what she started in this group? So now I’m gonna give Marysol a taste of her own medicine?'” she wondered.

But in her own confessional, Nicole insisted she was clueless.

“I didn’t invite Ana. It wasn’t my idea,” Nicole noted. “I know that Alexia and Marysol didn’t have the closest relationship with Ana in the past, but I did not expect it to cause this chaos. I’m truly lost.”

Before storming out with Marysol, Alexia called out Nicole and told her friend, “You know when I have to stand up for you, I stand up for you.”

Meanwhile, during a chat between Larsa and Lisa Hochstein, 41, Larsa opened up about her split from Scottie, admitting that losing her ex-husband’s family in the split had been “hurtful.”

“I feel like the same thing happened to me with my ex. I was best friends with his sister — like, she used to live with us,” Larsa told Lisa through tears. “I just miss being able to call her because she’s there with my kids. I feel like it is hurtful because, for me, my family never was mean to him — like, my ex. And his family was so resentful toward me.”

“When I went through my divorce, I never in a million years imagined losing my ex’s whole family. I always assumed it would be cordial and we would talk on holidays or birthdays. But that’s not the case. It’s hard,” she continued. “It’s hard to be like, ‘Oh my god. Now this person hates me because I’m not happy with their family member.'”

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