Katie Maloney Addresses Theory on Scheana & Tom Schwartz’s Kiss, and Claims Sandwich Shop is a “Scam,” Plus Scheana Missing Friendship With Sandoval & Where They Stand

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Katie Maloney Addresses Theory on Scheana & Schwartz's Kiss, Scheana Missing Friendship With Sandoval & Where They Stand, Plus Reacts to "Scam" Claims About Sandwich Shop

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Katie Maloney is weighing in on Scheana Shay‘s alleged Las Vegas “make-out” with Tom Schwartz.

Following Scheana’s denial regarding the supposed incident, the Vanderpump Rules star, 36, who appeared on Nick Viall‘s podcast on Thursday, refuted an online theory about the kiss while also discussing Scheana’s season 11 struggles, reacting to claims of Something About Her being a “scam,” and confirming where she and Scheana, 38, stand now.

“You’re going to see but I will tell you that it was not the other Scheana. First of all, that’s not even her name but no like that’s a complete theory that someone made up online,” Katie explained on the January 4 episode of The Viall Files, signaling an online rumor suggesting the woman kissed may not have been Scheana. “Tom didn’t just say that. There’s obviously more to that story.”

“I think Scheana was being a little nuanced in her response,” Katie added, giving a nod to Scheana’s tweet suggesting she and Schwartz didn’t actually kiss.

According to Katie, she believes Scheana was struggling amid season 11 because she missed her friendship with Tom Sandoval, 41, who she distanced herself from following the reveal of his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29.

“I get it. Like I’ve had long-term friendships with people that I lose and it’s like it can be a struggle but I think like this one in particular like seemed like an easy one, you know,” Katie shared. “It gets confusing because she also has a very long history and friendship with Ariana as well. So it’s like, to me, I think if you’re feeling stuck or in the middle of something… I think you rely on your integrity.”

While Katie and Ariana have faced rumors regarding their sandwich shop in recent months, including the concept being a money grab and allegations of a scam, especially following the release of their recent merch collab, Katie shot them down.

“What an expensive scam… [We could have just sold only merch] and not have to spend money on a buyout and rent and then the whole design like yeah we did all that just to sell merch. Weird,” she sarcastically responded.

Continuing on, Katie explained why she and Ariana have had such trouble opening their restaurant.

“Everything is been going through the process of like permits and the city sort of their process of things, and it takes a really long time. It’s not easy and anyone that has opened a restaurant or any kind of food business, they fully get it,” she noted. “They know that it is daunting and relentless, and it takes a really long time. I think for everybody else, they just don’t understand. They’re like it’s just sandwiches. I’m like it doesn’t matter if it was like granola bars. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have to go through this process.”

Amid the criticism, Katie said that certain Pump Rules cast members take it harder than others.

“I think some people definitely take things a little bit more, I think Scheana has a harder time with criticism. She’s a sensitive person,” Katie revealed.

As for where they stand today, Katie confirmed she and Scheana are “fine.”

“I think we’re good. Like we’re fine. We’re good. I mean I haven’t seen her in a minute. I think contrary to what people might be thinking, yeah,” she stated.

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres January 30 at 8/7c on Bravo.