RHOBH’s Kyle Richards on Why She “Hated” Discussing Kathy Feud With Kim, Navigating Her Reconciliation With Kathy, & Fearing Season 13 Would Impact Their Relationship

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards Talks Navigating Reconciliation With Kathy Hilton, Why She "Hated" Giving Kim the Details & Fearing How Season 13 Would Impact Their Relationship

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Kyle Richards opened up about the on-camera conversation she had with Kim Richards about their sister, Kathy Hilton, and Kyle’s falling out with her amid The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, after Wednesday’s episode of season 13.

As she explained why she was fearful about how season 13 would impact her relationship with Kathy, 64, which was mended amid a trip to Aspen over the summer for Kim’s daughter Whitney Davis‘ wedding, Kyle, 54, admitted she “hated” speaking to Kim about Kathy and shared why she was not open to seeking therapy with her older sister.

“That was a conversation I really hated having on camera,” Kyle said on the January 3 episode of the RHOBH: After Show. “Kim came over and I didn’t want to get into her wanting to put Kathy and I back together so to speak because I have not shared with Kim any of my side of that story. She doesn’t know anyone’s side except Kathy’s. I just didn’t want to have her input. When someone’s coming in having only heard one side of something, even though I appreciate her wanting us all to be together, I do too, I just didn’t feel it was the time.”

Looking back at the season 12 reunion, Kyle said she was “overcome with emotion” because she felt that going into the taping, whatever happened between her and Kathy would “make or break” their relationship.

“When it turned out the way it did, ‘I thought. This really is it.’ It has to be it,” she recalled. “I knew it was from her perspective, and I thought, ‘It has to be it for me too,’ I didn’t know if I was ever going to be ready to be in a place to be open to say, ‘Okay let’s move on or let’s sit down and talk about it.’”

Although people suggested a therapist, Kyle was opposed.

“I thought, I don’t know if I wanna dig all that up even. I probably wasn’t as receptive about it as Kim would have wanted me to be,” she noted.

Luckily, last June, after reuniting for Whitney’s wedding, Kyle received an apology from Kathy.

“I was nervous about that but it ended up being amazing. It was a beautiful event,” Kyle reflected. “It was a little awkward in the beginning but then fun, and then the wedding was just beautiful. And now, today, we’re in a very good place, Kathy and I. She has been supportive, very, very, very…”

That said, Kyle does worry about how the airing episodes could impact their dynamic.

“I get stressed and I actually told her this, having the show air now and talking about the things that happened right after the reunion, where now we’re in a good place, when it drums this stuff up with the cast and creates more fights, it’s already hard enough as it is but like, I can’t afford to have that happen with my sister,” she stated. “I don’t want to go through this ever again. I just can’t do that, and it’s really hard because I know things like this are gonna come up and I don’t even remember exactly what was said, but I was still upset.”

Also on the RHOBH: After Show, Kyle admitted that it is “weird” that so many of her personal hardships, including her family drama and current estrangement from husband Mauricio Umansky, 53, have been featured on the show.

“It’s just so weird to think everything is just public about my life, the stuff with my sisters, the stuff with my marriage. You just kinda wanna crawl under a rock sometimes,” she shared.

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