‘RHOC’ Tamra Judge Shares New Details of “Twisted” Feud With “Toxic” Vicki and Shannon, Post-DUI Concerns for Shannon, and Suggests Alexis and John’s Romance is “Karma,” Plus Vicki Hangs With Kelly Dodd, See Pics

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'RHOC' Tamra Judge Shares New Details of "Twisted" Feud With "Toxic" Vicki and Shannon, Post-DUI Concerns for Shannon, and Suggests Alexis and John's Romance is "Karma," Plus Vicki Hangs With Kelly Dodd, See Pics

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Tamra Judge is opening up about her feud with Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador following her exit from their “Tres Amigas” show — and a number of online spats between them.

As Vicki, 61, spent time with Kelly Dodd, 48, in Mexico, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, 56, addressed the drama, admitting to having concerns for Shannon, 59, after her DUI arrest, shading Vicki and Shannon as “toxic,” and wondering if Alexis Bellino‘s romance with John Janssen, 60, is “karma,”

“There’s some things I don’t want to talk about, because … we go into production [on season 18] next week and, obviously, it’s gonna be talked about,” Tamra explained during a January 12 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I backed out of the Tres Amigas for some reasons that you probably will hear about on [RHOC].”

“You know, it’s tough. It’s so twisted, and there’s so many layers to it, it’s hard for me to explain everything — but I didn’t do anything to either one of them,” she noted.

As Tamra previously revealed, she decided to leave the “Tres Amigas” after her schedule got too busy, which Vicki “didn’t like,” and due to her concerns for Shannon.

“It’s difficult,” she admitted. “I think that people are gonna understand my concerns and, you know, as far as the Tres Amigas show, I felt like we should not have done it right after her DUI. I felt like she needed to concentrate on herself. … Conversations were had between us about it, and how I felt.”

In addition, Tamra learned Vicki and Shannon were talking behind her back.

“In 2024, I’m not going to be around toxic people that are, you know– if you’re my friend, be my friend. If I’m doing something or saying something you don’t like, come to me and tell me,” she stated.

Also causing tension between Tamra and the other women was the fact that she and Teddi Mellencamp, 42, were going on tour with their podcast, Two Ts in a Pod, which Vicki freaked out about.

“They knew I was doing that!” Tamra insisted. “I told them months ago that I was doing it. It’s a one-time thing that was put on by [our podcast company] iHeart. So it wasn’t to take [the Tres Amigas show’s] place…”

Following her departure, Tamra said she’s “happy” Vicki and Shannon are continuing with their show, even if Kelly replaces her.

“Good for them,” she said of the unconfirmed rumor. “I hope they sell a lot of tickets with that.”

As RHOC fans may have heard, Kelly recently compared Tamra to “Satan” on her YouTube series, The Rick & Kelly Show, saying she’s “pure evil.”

“Well, Satan was saying that,” Tamra fired back. “So, Satan was telling you this.”

Although things with Vicki and Shannon are quite tense for Tamra, she said, “never say never,” when asked about a potential reconciliation with them.

Still, she added, “I don’t like the way I was talked to; I don’t like the things, the text messages that were sent to me. I’ve been nothing but supportive.”

Not only will fans see more of what happened between Tamra, Vicki, and Shannon on the upcoming 18th season of RHOC, but they may also see the return of Alexis, who is currently dating Shannon’s ex, John.

“I don’t even know if Alexis is coming [back] on the show,” Tamra admitted. “I mean, there’s so much stuff on the internet saying that she has a contract. I don’t know any of this.”

That said, she made it clear there was “no girl code [violation]” made by Alexis, who doesn’t know Shannon.

“Is it ironic or is it karma?” she asked. “The night that Shannon got her DUI, she was texting me that Alexis was in the bar at the restaurant she was at and … she goes, ‘What do I do if she goes after me?’ And I said, ‘Just be nice to her.'”

While Alexis first denied her romance with John, the couple went public in December — around the time that Shannon stopped talking to Tamra due to her public support of Alexis.

“I was floored. I had no idea,” Tamra said of the relationship.

Also, during the interview, Tamra spoke of the second season of The Traitors.

“I was scared to go!” she confessed. “I’ve never been away from my family for that long. [And] I got severely sick, from head-to-toe chills, sore throat — I lost my voice, I was actually out, like, four days.”

Looking back at her time on set, Tamra described Big Brother‘s Dan Gheesling as “vindictive” and noted that Phaedra Parks, 50, “really fooled us all.”

“She would never talk game strategy with anybody. She would pray for us, which everyone’s like, ‘Oh, Phaedra’s so sweet! You’re praying for us all the time…’ I’m like, yeah, you’re praying for us, but why aren’t you talking game strategy? What is going on?” Tamra recalled.

In other RHOC news, Vicki shared a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Friday night in which she and Kelly were seen enjoying Mexico with Rick Leventhal, 63, and Michael Smith.

RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Hangs With Kelly Dodd After Tamra Judge Falling Out

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