RHOBH’s Sutton Stracke on If She’s Spoken to Kyle Since Feud, Her Infamous “Name ‘Em” Moment, Plus How She’s Changed and Dating Update, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHOBH's Sutton Stracke on If She's Spoken to Kyle Since Feud, "Nurturing" Their Friendship, and Her Infamous "Name 'Em" Moment, Plus How She's Changed and Dating Update

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Sutton Stracke offered an update on where she stands with Kyle Richards during an interview earlier this week.

Following their messy feud on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton, 52, revealed the last time she spoke to Kyle, 55, and shared her hopes for their relationship while also addressing her “name ’em” scene, explaining how she’s changed since joining the series for its 10th season in 2020, and dishing on dating.

“[Kyle] took a break from me so I guess we’re still on a break,” Sutton suspected during a January 15 interview on PIX11 News. “She didn’t tell me we were taking a break, but I kinda noticed that we weren’t talking.”

Although Sutton and Kyle haven’t been face-to-face for some time now, Sutton did reach out to Kyle on her birthday last week.

“She responded back to me, so I think we will get back to a better place because we’ve been friends for like four years now, and she means a lot to me,” Sutton revealed. “We’ll eventually smooth things out, but it takes time.”

Then, when asked if the two of them are “like sisters,” Sutton wouldn’t confirm any such thing, giving a nod to their feud involving Kyle’s past estrangement from Kathy Hilton, 64, and saying, “We don’t say sister because that’s a sensitive topic.”

“But I always felt kind of part of her family,” she continued. “She really welcomed me into [RHOBH], and then also, just being in L.A., it’s hard to make friends. So she really welcomed me in. I’m forever grateful for that, so I look forward to nurturing our relationship back to health.”

Looking back at her “name ‘em” moment, which came amid one of her season 13 spats with Kyle, Sutton admitted she had “no idea” it would have such an impact.

“I guess I was heated and so I just wanted some answers,” she explained of the tense scene. “We all have our moments. We all get angry and have heated moments so name ‘em … I did not know. I did Watch What Happens Live and when Andy Cohen kept saying, ‘Name ‘em, name ‘em,’ I was thinking in my head, ‘What’s happening here? Because I think this is getting bigger than I ever would’ve imagined. People think this show is scripted. It is not. We’re just in our lives, and it just came out of my mouth, which happens a lot to me on the show. I’m comfortable. I’ve always been outspoken, but I was outspoken a lot. I said it a lot. So many times. Somebody said they counted like 14 times.”

According to Sutton, she’s changed “a lot” and gotten “stronger and stronger” since joining the RHOBH cast.

“[I’m] able to say, ‘no,’ which is something I was not really able to do in the past, and kind of get my spine back. Some people are reacting to it in a different way. It hasn’t gone to my head, but I’ve become a businesswoman, and being around this very strong group of women, you have to speak up and stand your ground and be confident, so it’s helped me do all that,” she shared. “Bravo’s so great that they allow us the room to grow like that, and I love the opportunity.”

Also speaking out on PIX11, Sutton confirmed she’s still dating.

“I’m not gonna give anything away, but I’m a dater,” she stated. “I’m a 52-year-old single dater, serial dater maybe. And men, it’s complicated. I think I’m very simple.”

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