VIDEO: See Erika Jayne’s ‘Bet It All on Blonde’ Trailer as RHOBH Star Feuds With Longtime Friend Mikey Minden in Spinoff, Plus Admits Tom Girardi is on Her Mind as She Worries About Residency Budget

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VIDEO: See Erika Jayne's 'Bet It All on Blonde' Trailer as RHOBH Spars With Longtime Friend Mikey Minden in Spinoff, Plus Admits Tom Girardi is on Her Mind as She Worries About Residency Budget

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Erika Jayne‘s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff, Erika Jayne: Bet It All on Blonde, is coming to Bravo in March. And in the just-released trailer, fans are getting a sneak peek of the drama that is to come.

Months after the two-hour documentary was officially announced at BravoCon in November 2023, Erika, 52, is seen struggling to prepare for her Las Vegas residency, which began last August at the House of Blues, while also coping with the ongoing fallout from the fraud crimes of her estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, 84.

“Through a compilation of formal interviews and observational footage, the documentary chronicles the lead-up to Jayne’s show-stopping Las Vegas debut, set against the backdrop of a deeply personal narrative that sees her take the biggest gamble yet when she bets it all on herself,” Bravo announced on February 7. “Looking to reclaim her life both personally and professionally, the stakes could not be higher for Jayne in the wake of her tumultuous separation and ongoing legal battles. From the onset, these troubles in her personal life present obstacles, but with their sights set on her upcoming residency at the famed House of Blues in Las Vegas, Jayne and her tight-knit team must stay focused as they navigate the challenges that come with putting on a show of this scale.”

“Their frenzied six-week run-up to opening night sees them tackle every detail – from putting together songs and choreography, to nailing down wardrobe and glam, along with countless rehearsals – all while working against the realities of budget constraints and a ticking clock. With no shortage of backstage drama, tensions run high under the pressure to deliver a show with potential for an extended run,” the network added.

Along with its description of the show, Bravo shared a sneak peek, which featured growing friction between Erika and her longtime friend and creative director, Mikey Minden.

“Nothing is making me happy,” Erika states as the trailer begins. “What are the lyrics? I don’t even know the lyrics to my own f*cking song!”

“No. Terrible,” Mikey replies.

According to Erika, her problem is not only that they’re “over budget,” but also that Thomas’ legal drama hasn’t completely left her mind.

“Tom’s behavior was bad for three years. the sh*t this man did, the fallout is great,” she explains, adding, “His family, he hurt them too.”

After a producer mentions Thomas’ competency hearing, where he was ultimately deemed fit to stand trial, Erika wants to know how the hearing went.

“How was it today? I would be a liar if I said it’s 100 percent out of my mind,” she admits.

Meanwhile, as Erika and her team attempt to get their performances ready for their Las Vegas debut, tears are falling and tensions are building.

“I want to see a show and I want to see a performance from the performers,” Mikey demands, before saying, “I don’t think we can do it.”

“Why?” asks Erika.

“No one was killing it, including you,” he bluntly replies.

Then, after Erika asks if the two of them can have a meeting, a producer is heard stating, “They cannot be mic’d for this conversation.”

As the trailer concludes, Erika cryptically says, “It’s not like it’s gonna get any f*cking better.”

Erika Jayne: Bet It All on Blonde premieres on Wednesday, March 6, on Bravo.