Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute Reveals New Details on “Feud” With Lala Kent, Shares Message to Her as Boyfriend Luke Tells Her to “Grow the F*ck Up,” Plus Kristen Praises Ariana

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

Vanderpump Rules' Kristen Doute Slams Lala for "Petty Feud," Says She Handled It "Like Sh*t" as Boyfriend Luke Tells Her to "Grow the F*ck Up," Plus Kristen Praises Ariana After Miscarriage

Kristen Doute doesn’t appreciate how Lala Kent handled their “petty” feud.

After Lala, 33, went public with their estrangement on Amazon Live rather than to her directly, Kristen, 40, expressed disappointment in her Vanderpump Rules co-star, slamming her handling of their dispute, which was prompted by an appearance she made with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, 42. Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke Broderick, 32, also weighed in, telling Lala to “grow the f*ck up.”

“I have been sitting on this — not thinking I was going to talk about it on the podcast — because Lala is my friend. [Or] I guess was my friend because according to her, in this moment, she doesn’t know who I am. She’s not even sure she’s ever heard of my podcast or does the podcast even exist. It does,” Kristen began on a recent episode of Sex, Love and What Else Matters, via Us Weekly.

According to Kristen, she reached out to Lala when she learned that she was upset with her because she was “very caught off guard” by their apparent issues.

“I did not know that she was upset about anything. A couple of people filled me in on that so I sent Lala a text about this,” she explained, signaling to a November 2023 appearance on the No Filter with Zack Peter podcast with the Shahs of Sunset alum.

As Pump Rules fans may recall, Lala began feuding with GG years ago after she defended Lala’s former fiance, Randall Emmett, 52, saying Lala shouldn’t trash-talk him since they share a child. And on Zack Peter‘s podcast, with Kristen seated beside her, GG continued on against Lala.

“I saw a lot and I think the whole world saw a lot with the whole Randall situation. She had her truth but her truth was put on a weird display. I had an opinion on that. I said, ‘Your child is only going to suffer from this.’ And then I became the enemy all of a sudden,” GG stated. “She has an ego complex and she has to get off her f*cking high horse.”

“I would never put my child in that situation to create her father as being an enemy. I would never do that,” GG added.

Looking back on their joint appearance, Kristen insisted she was unaware of GG’s friendship with Randall.

“I didn’t know that this was the way this was going to go. So it went pretty sh*tty. It went pretty dark. And GG ended up saying some sh*t about Lala’s parenting which I do think is extremely f*cked up,” Kristen said on her podcast, noting that Lala was “upset” she didn’t defend her.

“I didn’t feel like it was my fight to fight because I thought it was so mundane and so stupid. Who cares what this chick has to say?” Kristen continued. “Lala is an insanely wonderful mother. She’s a great mom. She’s always put Ocean first. She’s been through hell and high water with everything Randall has put her through [with their custody battle] which I’m sure you guys are all aware of if you listen to ‘Give Them Lala.’ So I was a little stung and a little hurt.”

Kristen also noted that she was “very exhausted” on stage at the podcast taping because she was pregnant at the time (she suffered a miscarriage a short time later).

“Lala, I’m talking to you and all of the guys listening. As my friend, if Lala was upset about this. If it was something that hurt her feelings. If it pissed her off. She should have just called me. Just call me. Shoot me a text and say, ‘This really f*cking hurt my feelings. This was not cool. I’m not happy about this.’ And we could have had a conversation,” Kristen explained. “But instead she started telling our friends who then had to come back to me weeks later and fill me in on this. So of course, I’m like a little, honestly I was a little b*tchy about it.”

Kristen also confirmed that although she reached out to Lala, she didn’t hear back.

“Lala, you know I love you. I think you handled this like sh*t. I’m not happy about the way you’re f*cking talking about me or my podcast because it’s just so petty. However, you weren’t there to fight in the room for yourself, I should have said something,” she admitted. “I understand why your feelings were hurt. Next time just come to me and say, ‘My feelings were hurt.’ Don’t blast it on the internet that you don’t know who I am. Calm down.”

Kristen then got support from Luke, who was equally frustrated with Lala.

“This isn’t going to be nice because I live in the real world. Not in this crazy reality version of the real world where you can call someone your friend and then not address something like this,” he said. “And take it up to everyone else then act like you’re going to make up and be fine with it. Just grow the f*ck up.”

“If you guys are real friends — if you were ever really friends — and something upset you because someone didn’t act the way that you would’ve or you thought they should’ve. If you don’t talk to them, you have no respect for that person. You’re going to talk to other people to try to blow this up and be a bigger deal. Lala, reach out to Kristen if you guys are real friends,” he added.

Also on Sex, Love and What Else Matters, via VanderPod Recaps on Instagram, Kristen applauded Ariana for being there for her after her miscarriage, despite how busy she was at the time.

“I wanna give a quick shout-out to Ariana as I always do but it’s still wild to me that people like, question our friendship. They’re like, oh my God, they see these clips of us that were rarely aired on Vanderpump Rules and whatnot. And they’re like, oh my god, this is the friendship that I love. And I wanna say when Luke and I went through what we went through in the last few months, as busy as Ariana was, I always got a text that was either like, ‘Thinking of you,’ ‘How are you?’ Or if I hadn’t heard from her and I texted her for like a third time per me, the way that I work, she would be like, ‘You’ve been on my mind so much,’” Kristen revealed. “Just those tiny little things that make me feel so loved and so seen and heard. It’s all it took and she’s so f*cking busy and it really meant a lot to me.”

Vanderpump Rules season 11 premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on Bravo, and The Valley season one is expected to begin airing sometime this spring.