‘RHOBH’ Kyle Richards Dishes on Unseen Moment From Spain, If Kathy Will Return, and Suspecting Paparazzi Are Tracking Her Car, Plus Going on “Pause” and Strangest Reunion Ending “Ever”

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RHOBH's Kyle Richards on Unseen Moment From Spain, If Kathy Will Return, and Suspecting Paparazzi Are Tracking Her Car, Plus Going on "Pause" and Strangest Reunion Ending "Ever"

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Kyle Richards recently shared a funny moment from Spain that didn’t make it to air on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

While discussing the 13th season, Kyle reflected on the cast trip, revealed if Kathy Hilton, 64, will return for season 14, and explained why she believes paparazzi may be tracking her car while also chatting about her strained marriage to Mauricio Umansky, 53, and teasing the “strange” ending of the reunion.

Speaking of the unseen moment on the February 9 episode of Access Hollywood‘s Housewives Nightcap, Kyle recalled a late-night moment between her and her co-stars.

“I had some videos … cameras are down, and [Erika Jayne]’s like facedown on my bed, and [Dorit Kemsley] was trying to get all her clips and extensions, and she had a thread in her hair. Those are the moments why I really do love doing these girls trips on the show — us in our pajamas, waking up in the morning, having coffee together — next thing you know [Garcelle Beauvais] walks in and [Crystal Kung-Minkoff] walks in. [It was] fun girl stuff,” she shared.

While sister Kathy did not film the main season of RHOBH, Kyle was confident that she would eventually return.

“I do think… Yes. It makes sense,” she noted. “If I’m back, I would love to have her back.”

Following Kathy’s reunion cameo, which was confirmed at the end of last month, Crystal, 40, alleged that she was the only one who knew she’d be showing up. However, according to Kyle, that wasn’t true.

“I knew. They had talked to me about it. We had talked about it before that, and we’re in a good place, so it made sense for her to come, especially after the way we left off last season,” she explained.

After an emotional reunion last year, Kyle and Kathy were estranged for several months. But, after reconciling last summer, Kathy’s been “very supportive” of Kyle as she navigates her split from Mauricio.

“I get messages from her all the time saying ‘I love you. You’re my baby sister. I’m here for you no matter what,’” Kyle gushed.

Last month, Kyle shared her plans to move out of Los Angeles. But, on Friday, she said she won’t be doing so until her youngest daughter, Portia Umansky, 15, graduates high school.

“Once she graduates high school, I can assess where I’m at in my life and where I would want to live. Who knows? Maybe all of the sudden I’ll love Los Angeles again but I kind of would like to be away from the public prying eyes,” she noted.

She then admitted to fearing paparazzi put a tracking device on her car.

“I think there’s a tracker on my car. I did get a notice that there was an AirTag … And then someone told me that some other [person] in this position, that happened with her. I watch and I wait and I look, I’m like ‘I don’t see them. It’s all clear.’ And then all of a sudden they’re there,” she revealed, adding, “I already made a call about that.”

In addition to considering leaving Los Angeles, Kyle has also considered quitting RHOBH.

“I do. There’s times this season I thought, ‘I’m going through such a hard time in my personal life and I have to show up here every day and have everyone coming at me knowing that it’s going to air in six months and I’m going to have to live with this again and live with the scrutiny and the public and all of that,’ of course, I’m thinking, ‘Why would I do that to myself?’” she admitted. “But then for the moments when we go to Spain and we’re laughing and having fun, and then I forget about the bad stuff for a bit.”

“That day will come, but I don’t know when it is yet,” she added.

When the idea of a “pause” was then mentioned, Kyle said, “I could do that.”

In the meantime, she’s trying to figure out the future of her marriage to Mauricio.

“It’s not that I am l am lying or withholding a big story, you know, I’m figuring it out myself,” she explained. “My silence has really been about that. Once I figure it out, you’ll know. I’m not going to keep that from everybody. It’s getting clearer and clearer for me. It’s just that it involves my children and my husband and their wellbeing and their emotional state is way more important to me than a TV show.”

Because Kyle’s decades-long marriage to Maurcio was falling apart amid production on RHOBH season 13, she found it “difficult” to watch the season play out.

“Going into the season, I knew it would be challenging because I wasn’t ready to share everything, only because I hadn’t shared with my daughters yet and my husband wasn’t on the same page of wanting to share that information yet, and I knew I had a job to do to share my life so I was nervous about that and I know I’m not someone who can fake it,” she reasoned. “In the beginning of the season, you could tell, I was not pulling that off at all. And then as I became more and more comfortable talking about it and sharing about it, it’s very sad for me to watch the interviews talking about that, having to relive it again. So it’s hard.”

“Can you tell them to give me some grace? That’s what I needed!” she added of her castmates.

Kyle also needed support for her sober lifestyle, which many of her co-stars were skeptical of.

“I think Dorit said, ’This is not sustainable.’ Well here I am and I’m still working out every day and I still don’t drink,” Kyle noted. “I know the girls got a lot of heat for saying that to me. But I didn’t have an issue with alcohol, thank God, I wouldn’t get mean. I was just fun and I think they were just nervous I wouldn’t be.”

Following last month’s reunion taping, Kyle said she feels better about the dynamic amongst the group.

“I do. Because I had a lot of things that I wanted to express that had hurt me. I wanted to address the stuff with Dorit. I felt hurt. I knew she felt hurt. She’s important to me, so I wanted to address that and I wanted to answer questions the people have been wanting to know,” she revealed, adding, “It was the strangest ending to a reunion ever and I’m going to quote Andy Cohen, who said it was the most bizarre ending of a reunion ever.”

Also during the interview, Kyle looked back on the awkward moment in which Merce Cunningham‘s ashes blew back onto her and her co-stars.

“You’re trying to be respectful, but you’re like, but I also don’t want them to go in my face or my mouth. I literally just took off. I was like, spitting. It was a lot,” she admitted.

Then speaking of Erika’s drunken antics, she added, “She was amazing. I really wish we could show every moment that is so great. It was so much funnier, even in person. It was so great.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.