Tom Sandoval Discusses Being Banned From Schwartz & Sandy’s, “Pent-Up Resentment” Over James’ “Cold-Blooded” Hookup With Kristen, and Thinking James Was Tyring to Further His Career

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Tom Sandoval Discusses Being Banned From Schwartz & Sandy's, "Pent-Up Resentment" Over James' "Cold-Blooded" Hookup With Kristen, and Thinking James Was Tyring to Further His Career

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Tom Sandoval is sharing his thoughts on being banned from Schwartz & Sandy’s in the wake of his sordid affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss being exposed last March.

Following the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, which featured him sitting down with James Kennedy, 32, who felt betrayed by Sandoval’s romance with his former fiance, Raquel. Sandoval, 41, explained why he mentioned James’ years-old past with his own ex-girlfriend, Kristen Doute, 40, and looked back on his time away from his Los Angeles bar.

On the February 6 episode of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show, after Tom Schwartz, 40, suggested Sandoval was banned for just a “few months,” Sandoval argued that it was “longer than that.”

“I would try to go by there and I would try to bring people by there and our business partner would be like, ‘Well I’m gonna walk out if you come.’ And I’m like, ’Well what do I do with this?’ And that also put a damper on my mood and my motivation of wanting to help out because I’m like ‘Well, f*ck you guys then,’” he recalled. “I know it would’ve helped for me to be there to be a constant reminder of how, kind of telling them, walking them through things. I would’ve loved to have been that, and I wanted to. I definitely could’ve been better on that front for sure.”

Moving on to his face-off with James, Sandoval shared what led up to James hooking up with Kristen.

“James and I were working on music, we had three songs we were working on. We were gonna move in together, start a duo, and do music together and he literally was like a week and a half out of moving in. Kristen and I had been broken up for like, weeks. I’m like, staying in [Scheana Shay]’s bedroom in the bunk bed. He’s at the time living with his brothers and his grandma and his mom. So he’s like, ‘F*ck living in that situation. I’ll just like stay at Tom’s apartment and f*ck Kristen,’” Sandoval alleged. “It was crazy. F*cking on my bed? I don’t know. I found it really cold-blooded and he wasn’t even doing it because he was in love with Kristen.”

According to Sandoval, he believes James was motivated to strike up a romance with Kristen because it would further his career, potentially landing him a full-time spot on the show and highlighting his career as a DJ.

“He and Raquel had been broken up at that point for six months. He’s already got a girlfriend he’s more in love with than he’s ever been in love with ever in his life. I know it’s f*cked up what I did, but my motivation was not to get further in my career or anything. It was an emotionally-driven bad decision,” Sandoval explained, noting that he was “not in the best place” at the time.

“I had a lot of pent-up resentment towards James from previous years that I have not addressed with him, I’ve kept it buried, like with Kristen and stuff. I never really addressed that with him. I just let it go,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, in his own segment, James shaded Sandoval for digging up the past.

“He just tried to bring it back to my past relationships,” James noted. “We all know what he’s f*cking talking about. The fact that he’s been holding that in his pocket, a 40-year-old f*cking mad, is just sad to me, ‘You banged my ex, so I get to bang your ex.’”

“We lived life right, for the last f*cking 10 years Tom? And for the last five of them, we’ve been on vacations,” he continued. “Does that mean on the snowboarding trip two years ago, you were just imagining f*cking Raquel the entire time? It’s just f*cking weird to me. It’s just like, he was always a f*cking liar.”

James then looked back on the moment in which he “pissed on his front lawn” in retaliation, telling Sandoval, “Make lemonades with those lemons now. My piss lemons.”

“I don’t care, dude,” Sandoval responded. “I’ve peed on my bushes. I just think it’s funny that he’s doing it like a diss. I think that just speaks to James’ personality.”

Also, on the Pump Rules: After Show, Ariana Madix, 38, said Sandoval is beyond the point “where he has nothing to stand on anymore” as Katie Maloney, 37, highlighted his habit of living in the past.

“Tom loves bringing out the history books, but I don’t live in 2012. I live in, it’s 2023. I’ve learned a lot since then, I’ve grown a lot since then. If you want to live back in those days, have at it but don’t bring that sh*t into now,” she demanded. “It’s so pathetic. It’s just a desperate attempt to make himself blameless when he’s just not.”

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