Dorit Kemsley Addresses Garcelle’s “[Hurtful]” Comment About Home Invasion as PK Explains Why Wedding Ring Wasn’t Taken and Says Suspect in $10K Robbery Was Caught

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Dorit Kemsley Addresses Garcelle's "[Hurtful]" Comment About Home Invasion as PK Explains Why Wedding Ring Wasn't Taken and Reveals Suspect in Marshall's Robbery Was Caught, Plus RHOBH Live Viewing Thread

Dorit Kemsley was “hurt” by the comment Garcelle Beauvais made about her jewelry post-home invasion.

Months after Garcelle, 57, was seen implying in a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills confessional that Dorit’s jewelry wasn’t actually stolen, Dorit, 47, teased their potential reunion confrontation as husband Paul “PK” Kemsley, 57, shaded Garcelle for fueling rumors of a staged robbery and confirmed that one of the men who robbed Dorit at a Marshall’s has been caught.

“I’ve been doing this show long enough. I know there’s gonna be those weirdos out there that are gonna say things like, ‘But…’ I don’t pay attention to [that.] I can’t,” Dorit said on the latest episode of Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast. “Whatever I’m dealing with emotionally and protecting the family and so on, my energy has to be put towards getting better and living in the real world and not paying attention to these stupid, stupid things.”

Although Dorit does her best to ignore speculation and criticism, Garcelle’s comments caught her off-guard.

As she explained, “What did hurt me, I heard Garcelle, who is a friend of mine, in her confessional, say, make a passing comment about ‘the only jewelry I’ve ever noticed was the jewelry Dorit was wearing after she was robbed,’ insinuating that there was in any way…”

“It’s fueling the rumor,” PK interjected.

“It certainly is, because again, I really have not seen a large number or really any comments about it not being real,” Dorit replied. “I’ve had a very, very different experience. I’ve had thousands of people reach out to me and those kinds of things, it’s almost shocking, like, ‘Wait a minute.'”

According to Dorit, fans will learn more about Garcelle’s thoughts regarding Dorit’s robbery at the reunion.

“I’ll understand exactly what she meant by that and what she doesn’t believe,” Dorit shared.

While PK didn’t appreciate Garcelle fueling the false rumor about what Dorit endured, he acknowledged that she likely wouldn’t have said what she did if it weren’t for the fact that the two of them are on a reality show.

“It’s the nature of the show. Ladies get an opportunity to say things perhaps they wouldn’t say to someone’s face in a confessional,” he explained.

He also said that when it came to comments about Dorit’s ring, the robbers “missed it” because Dorit takes it off every night and places it beside her bed.

Because he was out of town in London when the robbery occurred, PK has carried a lot of guilt.

“There was a period in the last few years where I was definitely avoiding dealing with what had happened,” he admitted. “I can recount the phone call when she called me. I know where I was and she called me hysterical crying and I was on a plane by 4 o’clock that day, and I spoke to [Kyle Richards], and Kyle called me at the airport, screaming and crying, ‘Tell me it isn’t true! Tell me it isn’t true,’ which made it a million times worse for me. And then I had to be on a plane for 10 hours. I was dying I wasn’t there, but the simple truth is, and this is just a fact, it would’ve been 10 times worse if I were there. It wouldn’t have ended well.”

“She was amazing and the reality is, if you track back to that period, I read about, ‘Oh, as if this would happen.’ It all f*cking happened,” PK continued. “So when they talk about, ‘Well, why would the burglar, or the home invader, leave the phone on the floor?’ This is why he did: Because Dorit pleaded, showed them where everything was and said she can’t phone anyone, she doesn’t have a phone. And obviously, something triggered with that robber — or whatever you want to call him — that he did actually leave the phone on the floor. That’s what he did, and that’s how she managed to call me. That’s what happened.”

Moving on to Dorit being robbed of $10,000, PK shockingly revealed that one of the men who robbed his wife was recently caught.

“Ironically, even though they’ve not caught those home invaders, we’ve been robbed three times. The first time, he’s been caught, he’s been sent to jail for 25 years. Done. The second time, they haven’t found the home invasion. But when Dorit had her money stolen at Marshall’s, when they took the handbag, they caught him as well. They caught him and now the probation officer rang me, and said, ‘Do you want restitution?'” he shared.

“I didn’t know that. But there was three… How come no one said anything to me?” Dorit asked in response.

“Well, you know what? I don’t particularly want to talk about traumatic things,” PK explained.

Still, Dorit confirmed she would have loved to know.

“I just love that I’m learning about this now,” she added.