Jax Taylor Addresses Claim That Bar Caused Brittany Separation as He Hints at “Communication” Issues, and Suggests The Valley is Getting a Season 2, See His Posts

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Jax Taylor Denies Bar Caused Brittany Cartwright Separation, Talks "Communication" Issues, and Suggests The Valley is Getting a Season 2

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright and son Cruz Michael Cauchi

Jax Taylor shut down the idea that his new bar, Jax’s Studio City, led to his split from Brittany Cartwright on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Tuesday.

After his estranged wife, 35, stepped out in Los Angeles to shade him over his refusal to work on their marriage and suggest that they won’t reconcile unless he makes major life changes, the Vanderpump Rules alum, 44, denied that their new hot spot led to their marriage issues, saying they instead faced “communication” struggles as he teased a second season of The Valley.

“Jax owning a bar is NOT conducive to a happy family. Take it from me, I know,” a fan had written on X on March 5, suggesting that Jax and Brittany’s separation was the result of work tension.

“Actually,” Jax replied, “it’s one of the things that’s actually working for the both of us and is helping us[.] We love our bar. [It] has zero to do with that or drinking[.] It’s communication[.] I don’t know one married couple that hasn’t gone through what we are going through.”

Jax Taylor Responds to Claims Bar is Causing Marriage Issues

In another tweet, Jax made it clear that his fans and followers have been quite vocal about his separation from Brittany, saying, “Everyone’s a f*cking marriage counselor now,” along with a clown emoji.

Jax Taylor Jokes About Fans Commenting on Separation

Meanwhile, on Instagram, after a fan suggested that The Valley wouldn’t last beyond its premiere season, Jax hinted that he’s already gotten word on a second.

“I definitely will NOT be watching it. I see it being a [one] season and DONE show,” his critic wrote.

“Crazy because [that’s] not what I was told,” Jax replied.

Jax Taylor Defends The Valley After It is Labeled a One Hit Wonder

As Pump Rules fans have likely seen, Jax and Brittany have been accused of staging their breakup in an effort to drum up press for The Valley. However, during an episode of their podcast, When Reality Hits With Jax and Brittany, last month, Brittany shot down the idea.

“My life is not a publicity stunt for anything. We filmed The Valley months ago, months and months and months ago and we’re super excited for this to come out, and there’s been so many changes that has happened in every single couple’s lives, every single couple on the show. So I just want to make that very clear,” she stated. “I’m not gonna touch too much on anything else but definitely no publicity stunts are happening here, and just respect people’s privacy a bit because the media’s just getting a little bit out of control.”

“I agree,” Jax replied.

The Valley season one premieres on Bravo on Tuesday, March 19.