REPORT: Olivia Flowers is Not Returning to Southern Charm for Season 10, Find Out Who Else Isn’t Coming Back and Other Cast Details

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
REPORT: Olivia Flowers is Not Returning to Southern Charm for Season 10, Find Out Who Else Isn't Coming Back and Other Cast Details

Credit: Instagram/Olivia Flowers

Olivia Flowers will reportedly not be returning to Southern Charm for its upcoming 10th season.

After finding herself at the center of attention on season nine due to her former friend Taylor Ann Green‘s alleged hookup with her ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll, 36, who insisted they only kissed, Olivia, 31, has supposedly been snubbed by Bravo ahead of its new episodes, as have a couple of other season nine cast members.

“Learned a while ago that Olivia did not get asked back to Southern Charm for next season. [Rod Razavi] is out as well!” Best of Bravo shared with their followers on March 15.

Even Leva Bonaparte, 44, who also stars on Southern Charm‘s spinoff, Southern Hospitality, will reportedly not be featured when the show returns for season 10.

“I am also hearing Leva isn’t returning either, but do not have that confirmed. Keep in mind, they could always return as friends of roles. Also, there is a newcomer named Molly!” Best of Bravo added.

Following the sharing of the post, a number of Instagram users weighed in, many of whom didn’t understand why Olivia wouldn’t have been asked back.

“This makes very little sense to me — she was the central storyline last season, and it was amazing TV,” one person noted.

“WUT!!! [Olivia Flowers] carrrrried this show…. [Whitney Sudler-Smith] being a producer is so problematic. He’s all about the boys, and it’s starting to show,” said another.

Someone else suggested Olivia may not have wanted to expose her new romance with Alex Williams on the show.

“I assumed she wasn’t willing to bring on the boyfriend, and she’s barely in Charleston, so it makes sense she wouldn’t be back,” they stated, giving a nod to the time Olivia spends in Dallas.

“I’m assuming this was her choice otherwise why?” another person wondered.

Others complained about the assumed return of Taylor.

“And Taylor’s back??? Lame,” one Instagram user stated.

“Should have been Taylor, am I right?” another asked.

There were also calls for the return of Cameran Eubanks, 40, who left the show after season six.

“Too bad for Olivia not returning, let’s see this Molly person. It’s too bad Cameron doesn’t want to be back, we like Cam!” someone proclaimed.

“Can we just get Cameron back!? That’s my only ask!” another agreed.

While there were also calls for Thomas Ravenel, 61, to return, Madison LeCroy, 33, shot down those rumors earlier this month, telling Page Six she’s heard no such thing.

“It would be great for us, I think, but I have not heard that or seen that at all,” she said.

She then mentioned new cast members.

“I’ve got some friends that are gonna be joining, so that’ll be nice and interesting, some new, fresh faces that I think [are] gonna be great for us, and I think everybody’s gonna love them, and yeah, I’m excited to be able to have some more people in my corner…” Madison shared. “We’ll be opening up a whole new can of worms with these guys.”