PHOTOS: Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll Reunite in The Bahamas With Her New Beau After Taylor Ann Green Kiss Drama and ‘Bra-Gate’

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PHOTOS: Southern Charm's Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll Reunite in The Bahamas After Taylor Ann Green Kiss Drama and 'Bra-Gate'

Credit: Charles Sykes/Todd Williamson/Bravo

Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll got the attention of fans on Instagram on Thursday night after sharing Stories that confirmed they’d traveled to the same resort in The Bahamas.

After butting heads over Austen’s kiss with her former best friend, Taylor Ann Green, 28, on Southern Charm, and later sparking hookup rumors with the discovery of Olivia’s bra at Austen’s house, the former couple embarked on what appears to be a very friendly getaway.

On November 9, Olivia took to her Instagram Story to share a photo from a beach, tagging a few girlfriends and confirming her location as Bakers Bay Golf and Ocean Club in The Bahamas. And around the same time, Austen tagged the same location from his plane ride in.

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll Visit Bahamas

Following their arrival, Olivia took a selfie with a friend from the hotel, where Austen was seen sitting at a table in the background.

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers in Bahamas With Austen Kroll

Although fans immediately began to wonder what was going on between Olivia and Austen, she later confirmed that they had been joined on the trip by her new boyfriend.

“When your ex [and] new man’s have the same T time,” she wrote in the caption of another photo on her Instagram Story.

As Southern Charm fans may have seen, Olivia has been teasing her new man on social media in recent weeks but has yet to show his face or confirm his identity.

Southern Charm Olivia Flowers on Vacation With Austen and New Boyfriend

Over the weekend at BravoCon, Olivia was asked about her potential hookup with Austen, telling Us Weekly that she should’ve known better than to take her bra off at his house.

“I was just getting comfortable and [it was] the wrong place to get comfortable because the whole next day, the entire town of Charleston knew about it,” she recalled. “So, [I] won’t be doing that anymore.”

She also said, “The thing about it [is] everyone found out about the bra the next day. So if we hooked up, that would 100 percent be out there … If [there] was that much talk about a bra?”

Meanwhile, on last week’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Austen explained his suspicious encounter with his ex.

“She decided that she wanted to come for me for comfort and I was, of course, there for her in anything that she needed. And we were just watching a movie and she just kind of took [the bra] off and flung it and I was as shocked as you were,” he went on. “She just took it off. And I was looking at her like, ‘Get comfortable.’”

“I’ve always had strong feelings for Olivia, and I made that decision to not be together ultimately, but everything that’s happened [recently], it’s certainly made me feel a stronger bond to her, and I would be lying if I said my feelings didn’t get a little muddy, but I was trying my hardest to not blur that line and make things messier,” he explained.

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