Dorit Kemsley Shares What Was Cut From RHOBH Season 13, What She Wishes They’d Show More of, and Her Complicated Relationship With PK, Plus Previous 2 Engagements

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Dorit Kemsley Shares What Was Cut From RHOBH Season 13, What She Wishes They'd Show More of, and Her Complicated Relationship With PK, Plus Previous Engagements

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Dorit Kemsley claims a lot of her personal story was cut from the recently aired 13th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

While looking back at the season and explaining her complicated relationship with her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, 56, as well as her past engagements, Dorit, 47, said that when it came to her efforts to repair her mental health post-home invasion, much was filmed for the show but cut.

“A lot of the things that I had done with regards to trying to get better mentally were taken out. And I understand. Not everything is going to make the show. A lot gets cut out,” Dorit explained on the March 13 episode of The Skinny Confidential: Him and Her Podcast. “I did… classes. I had therapy sessions, but it [became] more about just PK and I. And that was the main focus.”

According to Dorit, RHOBH viewers didn’t understand what she was going through because they weren’t seeing it on the show. Instead, they were seeing her experiencing certain triggers.

“We were in Vegas and [Crystal Kung-Minkoff] came up from behind, and it sent me into such a panic,” she recalled. “All of these things, you know, it’s as simple as if you don’t see it, does it really exist? So the audience doesn’t really have a chance to see what I’m going through.”

In addition to a more well-rounded story, Dorit said she wished Bravo showed more of her funny side.

“I’ve got a great sense of humor. And my husband and I laugh all the time,” she revealed. “And I think that when I meet people, they’ll say I can’t believe how funny you are. They don’t show that on the show.”

She also didn’t understand why such a spotlight was given to her accent.

“When I first started, the thing about the way I speak. She’s putting on a fake accent. That was just shocking to me… I never thought about it that way. I’d never been accused of that,” she explained.

Moving on to her complicated relationship with PK, Dorit said their romance began after two of her previous engagements came to an end.

“I had two engagements before PK… Third time’s the charm… I wasn’t that girl that was desperate to get married… I loved life. I wanted to experience it. I wanted to have a full life,” she recalled. “When I met PK, right it was a year since I’d broken off my second engagement. I was not interested in really meeting men and so on… It wasn’t like I was out there looking for dating or looking to date or anything like that.”

Meanwhile, PK was in the midst of a divorce from Loretta Gold, the mother of his three children, daughters Atlanta and Tatum, and son Daniel.

“I was the girl [about] town in New York City, in Manhattan living my best life. I had a successful business so on and so forth… When we finally went on our first date he took me to Jersey Boys, we had the best time, and really from that night we were inseparable,” she revealed.

Still, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for Dorit and PK at first.

“I think it was about three months into our dating, I knew I was in love, but it was complicated because like I said, you know he was going through a divorce, he had three children. It was not an ideal situation,” she admitted. “Six months into our relationship, he was moving back to New York and we decided to move in together, and here I am 35 years old.”

“I was nervous to tell my parents that I was dating him and that I was moving in with him,” she added.

Today, Dorit and PK have been married for nine years and share two kids of their own, son Jagger, 10, and daughter Phoenix, 8.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 14 is expected to go into production in April.