Ariana Madix Shares Real Reasons She Didn’t Respond to Tom Sandoval’s Offer on House, and Slams Him for Lacking Respect as He Talks Lawsuit and Why He Doesn’t Want to Move Out

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Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix Slams Tom Sandoval Over Inappropriate Email Offer on House, Says He Lacks Boundaries and Respect as He Talks Lawsuit and Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Move Out

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Ariana Madix was not happy about the email Tom Sandoval sent her in regard to his offer to buy her out of their $2 million shared home.

Following the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, which saw Sandoval, 41, approaching Ariana, 38, about the email, Katie Maloney, 37, slammed him as delusional and James Kennedy, 32, revealed Sandoval’s desire to raise children in the home as Ariana commented on the lack of boundaries and respect Sandoval has for her following their messy split.

“I don’t communicate with Tom Sandoval. Him emailing me personally is not an appropriate means of settling the house dispute. My lawyer is who will be communicating from Tom Sandoval so regardless of how a response happens, it will never be coming from my personal email,” Ariana explained on the March 26 episode of the Vanderpump Rules: After Show.

According to Ariana, Sandoval’s offer was “bullsh*t” and she had no intention of responding to it until it became legitimate.

“He sent a letter of intent. It was not a formal offer letter,” she clarified. “There was nothing on there about who am I responding to. It was very oddly written and it came, not attached, but supposed to be attached to an email that was saying things like, ‘Hi. Hope you’re well.’ The whole thing was like, very informal and I’m not sure who he paid — unless he went on like legal zoom to draw this up — because the amount of money was … There’s no appraisal done. He’s making up dollar amounts.”

In Sandoval’s email, Ariana explained, he mentioned that he would “generously and graciously” allow her to stay in the home until she found a new place to live but failed to acknowledge what they’d do with their furniture and other belongings in the home.

“A really important part of the home is the nearly 100,000 in furniture that was purchased and if that’s not mentioned in there, it’s like, what exactly am I agreeing to here if I accept this offer?” she wondered. “It’s so f*cking weird.”

“That level of delusion is really something,” Katie agreed.

But he insisted that there was a reason behind his refusal to move out.

“I’ve gone back and forth for sure. [But] I don’t want to deal with getting on the market and moving and taking all that time,” he explained. “I’ve been making all the payments for nine, 10 months now and she’s currently suing me,” he shared, giving a nod to Ariana’s request that the court force him to sell their home and split the proceeds.

“We’re working on it… We’re trying to come to a solution. I am [hoping to keep the house]. I think somebody should. I use it. I will use it. I shoot podcasts there. The band sets up in the living room and plays. Also that middle room, that I wanted to turn into a bar,” Sandoval continued.

And that’s not his only plan for the house. As James explained, Sandoval wants to start a family there.

“He’s been b*tching about how he wants to bring his kids up in that backyard. He told me that! ‘I can see my kids running up and down the stairs.’ I was like, ‘What?’” James recalled.

Ariana went on to say that Sandoval didn’t have a good sense of what boundaries mean after she cut ties with him following the reveal of his affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29.

“When I stated that we had a no-contact policy, and he kind of like repeatedly decided to just honor that whenever he pleased, I think it just goes to show that the lack of respect is still alive and well,” she noted. “You don’t get to just change your mind and then make demands of other people who are trying to play catchup to your whims.”

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