Craig Conover Reacts to Olivia Flowers’ Rumored Exit From Southern Charm, Teases Potential Storylines for Season 10, and Talks “Fluid” Casting, Plus Austen’s New Girlfriend

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Craig Conover Reacts to Olivia Flowers' Rumored Exit on Southern Charm, Teases Potential Storylines for Season 10, and Talks "Fluid" Casting, Plus Austen's New Girlfriend

Credit: Bravo

Craig Conover is opening up about his hopes for the upcoming 10th season of Southern Charm.

Following a number of casting reports, including the return of Madison LeCroy, 33, and the potential exits of Olivia Flowers, 31, Leva Bonaparte, 44, and Rod Razavi, 40, Craig, 35, said he was looking forward to rekindling his friendship with Shep Rose, 44, shared his reaction to Olivia possibly leaving the series, and reacted to Austen Kroll‘s new romance with Audrey Pratt.

“If we come back, we’ve got a ton to share. I think the boys are in an interesting spot, especially me and Shep [Rose],” Craig told Us Weekly on March 28.

Giving a nod to the reunion, where Shep opened up about his drinking, along with the rest of the cast, Craig said their discussion was a “portion of a much longer conversation.”

“[There’s] not enough time in an episode. Shep and I — we’ve kept things surface level [since the reunion]. We go to the gym at the same time and we see each other, but I think that’s a big conversation [to continue on the show],” Craig shared. “Asking, ‘How was his trip to Costa Rica? What did he take from it and how is he living his life now?’ We haven’t had that conversation yet. So if we come back, I think it’s gonna be something that I’m excited to get off my chest. I’m excited to have a friendship with Shep again.”

Although Bravo hasn’t confirmed season 10 quite yet, Madison said she’d be back last month in an Instagram Story post. Meanwhile, a report claimed Olivia, Leva, and Rod would not.

“We love Olivia, so I hope that’s not the case,” Craig said. “Austen probably has a different answer because him and [Jarrett “JT” Thomas] — they rile each other up [over Olivia]. But you gotta find peace with whatever’s going on. I think last season was so good because, obviously, you still have to have some structure to make a show, but they kind of just showed up and started filming and I hope, if we come back, that’s what happens because there’s always craziness in Charleston. I love having [Rodrigo Reyes], Rod and Olivia all around.”

According to Craig, Southern Charm casting is “a little more fluid than people think.”

“It’s not like a baseball contract. If you showed up, they’d be like, ‘Hey what are you doing here?’” he clarified.

Weeks after Austen made his relationship with Audrey official on Instagram during a getaway in Mexico, Craig confirmed he’s calling his new leading lady his “girlfriend.”

“I’m rooting for him always and we love her. She’s great. She came to me and [Paige DeSorbo]’s New Year’s party at our house. We’ll see what happens with him,” Craig shared.

As for what fans can expect from him on season 10, Craig pointed to his and Paige’s “real relationship” and his sewing company, Sewing Down South.

“After 10 years, fortunately, [I’m] going into this new era in my life,” he teased “I don’t really drink anymore — I still have drinks — but what does that look like for me now? Does Charleston still fit? Does my friend group still fit? All things that I’m excited to explore but I think people would be excited to keep watching.”